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Proud To Announce – Problem Solved

Homecare Essentials is proud to announce a new product range. From the boffins that gave us the best selling “Inspired” range of products, comes a new line of cleaning products specially formulated to solve a specific problem.

“Got a freezer clogged with ice? – Problem Solved!”

“Out and about and got something icky on your hands? – Problem Solved!”

“Got a Tablet or a Mobile that’s covered in finger marks? – Problem Solved!”

The Problem Solved range offer cleaning solutions for the more “unusual” jobs that arise in the home, for instance, is there someone in your home that uses a hearing aid? now you can get a cleaner and sanitiser dedicated for it. Do you dread having to use the bathroom after it has just been vacated? well now there is an answer to that too and it is not an air freshener or plug in.

From kitchen sink grease trap cleaners to urine stain removers and odour neutralisers, Problem Solved will have that “problem solved!”

We have a selection of items from the range in stock at the moment. More are being added to our catalogue soon so click HERE and discover the items for yourself and you may find your Problem Solved!.

A Word From Our Customers.

Most of us take cleaning the house for granted, just a chore that we have to endure to avoid mice and bugs and things and also because who doesn’t want a clean place to live.

For some though, cleaning the house can be dangerous to their health. A lot of off the shelf cleaning products have caustic ingredients (that’s why they are good at cleaning) and these ingredients give off vapours that if you suffer from any sort of respiratory problems could have dire consequences.

Some companies now have alternative cleaners that help to alleviate these problems, Method being one such company.

Posted below is a genuine feedback, left by a customer on 21st June.

I suffer with asthma and cleaning products trigger this off. I have been finding the usual branded name cleaning products more and more intolerable to use. They left my chest tight and wheezy after a deep clean. I researched the internet and found out that its the high “voc”levels and all the nasty toxic ingredients that left me short of breath. So I looked for some cleaning products that have low doses of these. Homecare essentials stock products by Method, so I ordered a shower spray, kitchen cleaner and multi purpose cleaner. Not only are these products fantastic! ( better cleaning power than my usual) but I no longer need to reach for my inhaler. I have now given my old products away and will be replacing them with products by Method. Honestly if sprays trigger your asthma, try them. I no longer dread cleaning day ( well, yes I do, I hate cleaning) but I no longer suffer because of it. They also smell divine and are so gentle, you don’t need rubber gloves either.”  – Dean Grayson.

Thank you Dean for the feedback. Just knowing we have made a small difference in a persons life certainly gives me the “warm and fuzzies” and thanks to Dean, we can now advise other customers with similar issues to try the → METHOD ← range of cleaning and washing products, all natural ingredients and hypoallergenic.

No Matter How Expensive It Still Needs Cleaning!

Despite the fact, that we are a fairly small internet retailer, we do ship around 12,000-14,000 orders a month. As well as shipping to all parts of the UK and it’s extremities, we do have a few European customers, so normally we don’t bat an eyelid when we get an order to go to the South of France.

An order placed a few days ago however, did stand out.

It was a fairly substantial order of various household cleaning products, nothing unusual about that. What was unusual was the shipping address, it was a Yacht.

A Yacht moored at Cannes at the moment, the name of the Yacht, is The Eclipse, it is a very large and very very expensive Yacht. The 2nd largest Yacht in the world in fact.


A thing of true beauty but it still needs cleaning I guess and because of the type of fixtures and materials on board, only natural cleaners like those produced by HG Hagesan and Ecover can be used without damaging any of the surfaces.

We were delighted to have been chosen to help!


Urban Fox – Friend or Foe?

Ever seen a Fox in your garden?

Where we live, foxes are quite common, around the Villages are lots of fields and hedgerows and quite a few areas of woodland which is perfect “fox country”.

You maybe surprised to learn that there are more “urban foxes” in the UK than rural ones. Foxes are extremely adaptable creatures and can generally thrive in most environments including a cityscape. With the increasing demand for housing and the ever expanding urban areas, the foxes natural habitat is changing.


Being forced into an urban environment, the fox has a ready made food supply, No! it is not your pet cat, infact a fox is only just larger than an average sized cat and in a fight, 9 times out of 10 the cat would wipe the floor with a fox. Foxes tend to receive food from us, most city dwellers will happily feed a fox or leave food for one if they know there is one living in their vicinity. Once a fox knows there is a ready made food supply at hand (or Paw) it will return to that place frequently and they will approach a human if it knows it can receive food, they will even try and enter a house through an open door or a cat flap to look for food.

Just make sure any small pets are kept secured if you know there are foxes in your area, anything smaller than a cat is fair game to a fox, with rabbits and rodents being it’s preferred choice as this is what would be hunted in the wild. There was a story recently of a baby being snatched by a fox, thankfully the child wasn’t badly hurt and those sort of instances are beyond rare. Foxes are very timid and will run rather than fight (unless it is cornered).

If you do have foxes in your vicinity and want to try and avoid them coming into your garden, there are a couple of products that you can put down which will not hurt the fox or any pets you may have.

The first is Inspired Fox Repellent Spray. For £3.41 plus shipping for 500ml, Just spray around the areas of entry to your garden and any areas you think have been frequented by the fox. This will mask any territorial marking made by the fox and give off an odour that foxes find unpalatable. it has the added bonus of keeping strays out too.

The second is Garden Genie Fox Repellent Concentrate. Also £3.41 plus shipping for 500ml, It works exactly the same as the Inspired spray but is a concentrated form which you dilute and works over time, this gives a continuing deterrence and again is pet safe.

Personally, I think foxes are beautiful creatures, they are vastly more intelligent than your average dog and have gotten a bad press over the last few years, As we encroach more and more into their habitat, it is only fair they encroach into ours and I for one will always encourage a fox to come into my garden.



We Are Proud To Announce –

The Latest Homecare Essentials Own Brand Product. 

Launched today, the Homecare Essentials Mattress Stain Remover.



We haven’t just stuck our own label over another product, this has been specially formulated exclusively for us by the chemistry wizards over at McKlords Chemical (they make the best selling Inspired Range of cleaning products).

Designed specifically for dried-in stains (these are the hardest to remove), the super strong formula just “eats” the stain and leaves you with a clean mattress and the best part, you didn’t even need to scrub, Just, spray, leave and wipe. Job done. This will work on all types of mattress except for Tempur and Memory Foam (these are just giant sponges and any type of liquid will just permeate right through the depth of the material and be impossible to remove).

Because we are always trying to give you the best value, we are providing an extra 200ml of cleaning goodness over the next best selling brand, 500ml, that’s half a litre in a bottle for just £4.49 plus postage.

Just click the link at the top of the page to go to the product page on our website.

Euro 2016 – Who Do We Cheer For?

Once again, it is time when the individual nations of Europe come together in their love of “the beautiful game” and spend the next month trying to be very nice to each other.


Of course, we will be cheering for our home team England, in fact our MD has even given us time off to watch the games yay!

This has raised a bit of a quandary in the office because as our Marketing Manager pointed out, we are an international retailer and so we must also show support for our suppliers too.

As he is higher up the pecking order than I am and in the spirit of “International Harmony”

We break a Baguette for the host nation France who manufacture and supply our Liberon Range.


We enjoy a Bratwurst and Frikadellen for Germany, they provide us with our Yogi Tea and Severin products.

logo-hover logo-ell-gr_1

We will also raise a glass of Abbaye de Bonne-Esperante for Belgium, they supply all our Ecover products.


And not forgetting Wales, they supply our Inspired range.


We would also like to offer a consolation cheer for the Netherlands who failed to qualify, they provide all our HG Hagesan products.



As Wales are in the same group as England our cheer is not so enthusiastic but it is the thought that counts.

A UK First! – Introducing Tri-Bio

Up until now, Tri-Bio was a name not known outside the USA. The company has developed a revolutionary series of cleaning products for all areas of the home, now, when I say revolutionary, I’m not using a marketing buzzword, I mean a new way of approaching an over saturated marketplace, this is something not seen before.

Tri-Bios cleaners are “Probiotic”, you might think that word is familiar and you would be right, chances are your yogurt is probiotic or the low cholesterol drink you take. A Probiotic is a living organism, a bacteria, but a good bacteria. Other “Bio” labeled cleaners make use of a chemical reactant to break down the dirt, Tri-Bio use the probiotic approach, the bacteria literally eat the dirt, their tagline is “Eco that does clean” and you do not get much more “Eco” than using a live organism to eat your dirt.

Totally safe to the environment, completely 100% allergen free and recommended for Asthma sufferers.

Very recently, the company was granted a licence to trade in Europe and we were approached to provide for the UK market, We are very proud to announce that we have stock and are the first UK merchant to offer Tri-Bio to the British public.


Check out the initial range of products HERE, We will be expanding the range as more products become available.

Top Of The Shop – May

Welcome to our monthly top 10 countdown of best selling products from the last month.

I said May was a funny month and it appears a lot of you were taking advantage of the good weather to give some TLC to the gardens and outside areas. Well without further ado, bring on the music.

*cue – Led Zeppelin A whole lotta Love*

New at Nº10 – ALM BD139 Spool and Line for Black and Decker Reflex Plus Trimmers.

Also new at Nº9Zero In Clothes Moth Killer 300ml.

Dropping 2 places to Nº8Inspired Mattress Stain Remover.

New for Nº7 – Pure Spa Hot Tub Surface Cleaner.

Another new entry at Nº6 – ALM SL002 Strimmer Line 30m (1.5mm).

Down 1 place at Nº5 – Get Off Cat and Dog Repellent Crystals 600g.

Down 2 at Nº4 – Original Bar Keepers Friend Bundle Pack.

New in at Nº3 – ALM BQ112 Replacement Spool and Line for Qualcast and Bosch Strimmers.


Highest new entry at Nº2 – Liberon Plastic Scrapers Pack of 2.


And for the third month in a row, still Nº1 – HG Hagesan Window Cleaner 500ml.


That wraps up another month, HG still reigning supreme. Can anything topple it? lets see what June has in store.

Till next time.