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The Official Caravan Club recommends HG 4 in 1 Leather

The Official Caravan Club Magazine did a extensive review on leather cleaners and gave the HG 4 in 1 Leather Cleaner a recommendation for anyone wanting a great leather cleaner with stain resistant finish.



HG Hagesan 4 in 1 for LeatherHG_4_In_1_For_Leather

“Designed to treat lighter soils (HG also offers a product suitable for deeper cleaning), this cleans, nourishes, softens and prevents the leather from drying out. After application, it leaves a non-sticky, invisible layer that is not only perspiration resistant but allows ballpoint pen and other similar marks to be easily removed.”


“If you are after an all-encompassing product, then this is a great choice. To keep leather in the best condition possible, it is recommended that you treat it with this product every two or three months.”

Size: 250ml

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(Review from Caravan Club Magazine)

How to Clean Your Convertible’s Soft-Top

Summer’s a great time to get out and about with your convertible – with the top down of course! Here’s a great tip from Dri-Pak customer, Sheila Thorpe, who used Liquid Soap Flakes to clean the soft-top of her convertible.

Just take a look at the top of the car after cleaning.

Soft Top Car

Begin by dissolving some Liquid Soap Flakes in water and then apply it on the soft-top using a soft children’s nail brush. According to Sheila, ‘This combination worked perfectly because the nail brush does really get into the fibres of the fabric. You might want to avoid using the nail brush too often though, as it may raise the pile – but for tough stains it’s a great combination.’ She added that the roof will also need to be re-proofed afterwards in order to restore its waterproof properties.


Dri-Pak’s Liquid Soap Flakes removes grime and ingrained dirt without affecting the appearance of the convertible car’s fabric and it’s suitable for all colours.

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Original post date: Monday, 11 August 2014

NEW and exclusive to Homecare Essentials – Garden Genie products



Garden Genie is a range of garden based products from the manufacturers of the brilliant Inspired range.

All products are made without using harsh chemicals to keep the natural balance in your garden.

As of time of writing the products below are all exclusive to Homecare Essentials. (04/09/14)


Hutch-and-Kennel_380Hutch and Kennel Cleaner is a powerful cleaning formula designed to thoroughly clean both fresh stains and dirt and grime that have built up over time. This product also sanitises the area once cleaned and is safe to use around animals.





Memorial-Stone-Cleaner_380Memorial Stone Cleaner is gentle yet powerful non-abrasive cleaner.

It is designed to clean stains, grit and grime from the delicate surfaces of memorial stones. It is a non-acidic biodegradable stone cleaner that is suitable for use on most natural and ornamental stone surfaces. Important: test for colourfastness on decorative stones and etchings.




Outdoor-Disinfectant_380Outdoor Disinfectant Cleaner is a muti-purpose product that cleans, disinfects and deodorises all in one operation. Use to disinfect paths, grates, gutters, drains, yards, kennels, stables, garages and other outbuildings. Safe to use around animals.





Bird-Feeder_380Bird Feeder Cleaner and Sanitiser has been specifically designed to clean your bird feeder whether it be a table, a bowl or a seed hanger or complete feeding station. It is very important to keep the feeding area clean and sanitised to keep your feathered visitors in good health.

Garden Genie Bird Feeder Cleaner and Sanitiser will effectively clean away dirt, grime weather marks and bird lime.





Algae-Remover-380Algae Remover is a simple and efficient formulation removes mould , algae and moss. All you have to do is spray and leave. Ideal to use on any outdoor surface in and around your garden, walls, fences, gates paths and steps. Completely safe to use around animals, the results will show in a few days without you doing any work.






Water-Butt-Cleaner_380Water Butt Cleaner is an anti microbial treatment for stored water that will eliminate algae and help prevent germs and bacteria. This product will also eliminate unpleasant odours from your water butt or tank. Suitable for grey or rainwater storage treatment. This product is a safe and effective way of improving the water quality stored in your water butt and is safe to use with no adverse effect on plant life.






Bird-Table_380Bird table Cleaner and Sanitiser is suitable for all types of water table or holder in your garden, stone, plastic, metal or sanitised to keep your feathered visitors in good health. This cleaner will effectively clean away dirt, grime, weather marks and bird lime.






Pond-Clear_380Garden Genie Pond Clarifier is an all-natural, microbial based product effective for maintaining better pond and lake water. Its concentration of selected, proprietary, naturally occurring microbes act to bring water back into ecological equilibrium.

Garden Genie Pond Clarifier reduces organic sediment and particles leaving water looking clean and cleaner, enhancing conditions for aquatic life.