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You Asked And We Answered. It’s Back!

We have bowed to public pressure and have re-instated our runaway offer from last year.

Get A FREE Yogi Tea Glass when you buy 2 or more packs of Yogi Tea.


Raise your glass, Serve your spirit.

Right now at Homecare Essentials we are offering a FREE Official Yogi Tea Glass to everyone who buys two or more packs of Yogi Tea.

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One glass per order

Don’t forget, most of our range of Yogi Tea is currently on offer, so don’t delay, buy today.

go on then, you know you want to.


Introducing Charlie.

At Homecare Essentials, we are a small family owned and family run business. Everyone gets involved and that includes Charlie, the youngest of our two Chocolate Labradors.

Charlie can often be found roaming the halls looking for mischief and unguarded dinners and everyone always loves Charlie.

To that end, we are utilising his talents and have given him his own job title. Chief Nasal Reviewer. If it smells good to Charlie, it’s a winner.

So without further adieu, HEEERRRREEESSSS CHARLIE.




I wouldn’t Do That If I Were You!

Most of us don’t realise we could be putting our lives at risk by the simplest of actions. I’m not talking crossing the road or driving the car, i’m talking about trying to save a few pennies by stretching out your household cleaning products.

You may not realise this, but, trying to get an extra squeeze of floor cleaner or a few more drops of bleach by adding a diluting agent like water or vinegar will have disastrous and in some cases lethal consequences.

Below are a couple of examples of what you get when you mix household products with other items.

Bleach & Vinegar

Mixing ordinary vinegar with bleach will kill you if you do this inside the house. Bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite in a water solution, now if you introduce Vinegar into that mix, Vinegar is Acetic acid, the acid compound changes the chemical state of the Hypochlorite in the bleach into Chlorine Gas that will attack and eat away the lining of your lungs and in sufficient volume will kill you. Bad Idea.


Bleach & Ammonia

This nasty little combination will get you on two fronts. Firstly, the Ammonia breaks down the Bleach and partly converts the Sodium Hypochlorite into Hydrochloric Acid which is the same acid in your stomach and will do some very nasty things if you get it on your skin. Secondly, the now Hydrochloric acid reacts with the remaining Hypochlorite and releases Chlorine Gas. Burned and gassed. Nasty.


The mixture will release Chloramine Vapour which can condense and form Hydrazine. Chloramine burns your eyes and respiratory system and can lead to internal organ damage. If there is enough ammonia in the mixture, hydrazine may be produced. Hydrazine is not only toxic, but also potentially explosive. Bang for your buck taken literally.


Bleach & Rubbing Alcohol

This one is my favourite because it immobilises you first, then kills you. The sodium hypochlorite in household bleach reacts with ethanol or isopropanol in rubbing alcohol to produce chloroform.  Breathing enough chloroform will knock you out, which will make you unable to move to fresh air. Breathing too much will kill you.


Basically, do not add a foreign item to your cleaning products, especially if it contains a bleach, trying to make it go further or work better by adding other liquids will not be beneficial for you.



Hot Tubs, Not Time Machines, Time Bombs!

Favoured by the Swedes and upmarket hotels and resort spas, the Hot Tub has long been a symbol of affluence. In recent years the price has reduced to place them in the range of ordinary families and households. The same is true of Whirlpool / Jacuzzi baths as well.

What you may not be aware of, is the fact they can be deadly. I’m not talking about falling asleep and drowning in the warm, effervescent waters, i’m talking about a much more insidious killer, Legionella, the bacteria that forms Legionnaires disease.

Over time and use, a bacterial colony grows, this is called a Biofilm. It normally propagates in the pipes and filters and if left unchecked can become dangerous, Not in the sense that it will escape the plumbing and eat the cat (although, it does look like it could)biofilm-pipe but it produces Legionella and can corrode the pipes and mechanisms of your Spa or Hot Tub.

In 2012, a Hot Tub on display in a wholesalers, caused the infection of over 20 people with Legionnaires disease and that resulted in 3 deaths. This was due to improper cleaning and allowed the Biofilm to grow dangerous. The normal way to deal with this is to use Chlorine, the same stuff you put in your swimming pool. However, after a certain time period, the colony develops a shell that is immune to Chlorine and renders it ineffective.

Help is at hand in the form of Biofilm Eliminators, these are specially designed to bypass the anti-chlorine shell and break apart and kill the colony from within. The result looks like something from Doctor Who’s worst nightmaresBioflm-rmvl, but it completely kills the bacteria and leaves your spa / whirlpool bath / Jacuzzi / Hot Tub, clean and safe.

We have these Biofilm Eliminators in stock. we have 2 sizes, a 10g tablet and a 20g tablet, the smaller for use on indoor baths and Jacuzzi’s under 1250 litres and the larger for use on outdoor spas and hot tubs over 1250 litres. If you do possess a whirlpool bath or a Jacuzzi, we also have a range of products designed for a more general cleaning and upkeep.

I for one will be having nightmares after researching this and I will not be using or going near a Hot Tub or Whirlpool bath / Jacuzzi again until I know it has been cleaned properly. Bad enough you are sitting in Human Soup but to know it can possibly kill you too. No Sir! not me.

Time To Glove Up!

Would you wash your hands in Dihydrogen Monoxide? probably not, sounds like a dangerous chemical doesn’t it, how about if I use it’s more familiar term H²O or Water? Of course you would, we have been doing so for centuries, Except, it’s not just water we use anymore, we all use soap or a liquid cleaner to “wash” our hands properly and that’s fine, it’s a short procedure that is over in a minute or two and we dry our skin afterward.

But what if it is not a “short” procedure, what if it takes hours? you need to take precautions to avoid exposure. Water is a skin irritant, as are many other chemicals we use on a daily basis.

Exposure over time can lead to Dermatitis that can be painful and unsightly.hand

Most people don’t think twice about about shoving their hands into the sink to wash up the dishes or to clean the bath or shower or toilet. Think about what the cocktail of chemicals is doing to your skin in ways you can’t see or feel yet.

Gloves, simple protection that works. It really is that simple, inexpensive and effective and purposefully designed to protect your hands and forearms in some cases, from exposure to chemicals that you may think are harmless but are still potentially damaging.

We have an extensive range of protective gloves, specifically designed for different scenarios of use.

For Outdoor Use, we have Marigold Extra Tough Outdoor GlovesHeavy Duty rubber designed to protect you from the harshest and most potentially dangerous chemicals used outside like Weedkiller or Creosote.

Designed specifically for use in the Bathroom, Marigold Longer Bathroom Gloves, have an extended cuff that protects your forearm as well from splashy or a mildly corrosive product like a limescale remover or toilet bowl cleaner.

The Kitchen is well covered with Marigold Extra Life Kitchen Gloves,  triple dipped to be extra durable against the variety of chemicals used in the kitchen on a daily basis.

Also we have If You Care Household Gloves, Made from fair trade natural rubber, these are an all purpose indoor glove and can also be used for gardening outdoors to.

All those gloves are reusable and come in various sizes, so you are bound to find a pair that will fit, well, like a glove.

If you just need a protective glove, either for one hand or for both, then I would point you toward our Aurelia range of disposable gloves. single use gloves that, whilst not as hardy or thick as the previous gloves mentioned, will offer protection from non-corrosive liquids like oils and grease and bodily fluids as well. Available in various sizes and comes as a box of 100 individual, ambidextrous gloves.

Be safe and glove up. We really don’t know exactly what we are exposing our skin to most of the time.

Service Announcement – Website Hotfix.

Many apologies for the recent issues with the cart and checkout on our website, this was due to a pesky piece of errant code that has now been forcibly escorted off the premises.


As a result, we are now operating at peak efficiency and the slow pages have now got a new lease on life and whizz along like new.


Again apologies for the inconvenience caused.

They’re Back! Bigger and Better Than Before..

Toilet Bowls Rejoice, the Astonish Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets are back in stock.

Twice the cleaning power has been crammed into the same size box, now containing 10 tabs instead of 5, yet remarkably they are even cheaper than before.

But hurry because stocks are limited and we have an offer on if you buy in quantity.

Don’t delay, buy today.

Top Of The Shop.

Welcome to our Monthly Top 10 best selling product countdown

*cue Led Zeppelin –  A whole Lotta love*

In at Number 10. Washer Magic, Washing Machine Cleaner and Deodoriser.

Moving up to Number 9, we find, 3M Command Adhesive Poster Strips.

At Number 8, HG Blue Professional Limescale Remover 1 Litre.

Finding it’s way to Number 7. Provado Ready to use Ultimate Bug Killer.

At 6, the powerhouse that is The Bar keepers Friend Bundle Pack.

Number 5 finds us with, HG Hygienic Whirlpool Bath Cleaner.

In at 4, Acana Carpet and Fabric Moth Killer Spray.

Number 3 is a new entry for, One Shot Instant liquid Drain Cleaner.One_Shot_Drain_Cleaner

Still at Number 2 we have, HG Sticker Remover.


AND straight in at Number 1, it’s taken the public by storm, it is HG Window Cleaner.


That concludes our Top 10 countdown, will HG Window Cleaner reign supreme next time. Stay tuned.

Oh what a marvellous month….

September is..

Apart from being our Managing Director’s birthday (and mine for that matter), a lot goes on in September you may not be aware of.

First to make your mouth water is National Bacon Day.

Celebrated on the 5th, all things bacon.


Sticking with the foodie theme is Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight. From the 6th until the 21st, celebrate all foods Scottish.

Included in the taste bud explosion are such delights as, haggis, cullen skink (a thick soup made with smoked Finnan haddock, potatoes and onions).

Bridie (a minced beef pastry or pie originally from Forfar, sometimes with onions and spices, it’s very similar in shape to the Cornish pasty). Tablet (a confection made from sugar, condensed milk, and butter, which is often flavoured with vanilla), Dundee cake (a light fruit cake topped with blanched almonds) and who could forget shortbread, which must be one of the most famous of Scottish delicacies that is known worldwide. Lets not forget the Whisky, a bonnie wee tipple if I must say so.

Always wanted to travel back in time? Now you can!
Heritage Open Days 10-13 September 2015. This September more than 4000 buildings that are usually closed or charge for admission will open their doors to you for free during Heritage Open Days. From castles, and medieval cottages, to battlefield walks and Buddhist temples, the variety is endless! Click Here to find your closest Heritage site to explore.

Also on the 13th is Roald Dahl Day, celebrating the world famous author and his unforgettable characters like Willy Wonka and Matilda.

Get your Bake On with National Cupcake Week 14th to 20th, competitions are running and lots of recipes and information can be found here.

The 21st, we celebrate International Peace Day.


The day aims to encourage personal and political cease-fires and bring everyone together in celebration of our commitment to peace.

And finally on the 25th is The World’s Largest Coffee Morning. In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. For information on local events in your area, click here to go to their website. I will devote a complete blog to this worthwhile cause nearer the time.

As you can see, September has a lot going for it. Marvellous