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How To Clean Your Chimney – Fire Safety This Winter!

Chim chimney, chim chimney, chim chim cheree! a sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be……


The reason is because this time of year is when they earn their crust and perform an essential service to us all.

Winter is coming.. looking out of the window this morning, you would think it’s already here and not going anywhere for a while.

Time to put the kettle on and think about staying warm and toasty, maybe light the fire today.


There aren’t that many homes now with real fires anymore, double glazing and central heating have pretty much been the staple of every building since the mid 1970’s but there is something magical about a real roaring fire, it seems more “homely” and timeless I suppose, memories of childhood, long toasting forks and charred crumpets on a sunday night,







the dog asleep with the cat on the hearth rug, gently steaming after having his walk in the cold.

Mind you, stripping the nostalgia aside, I do remember the dangers too, the burns in the hearth rug where the coals were banked to high and had rolled out when they settled and an ambient temperature in the room hot enough to melt lead and the ever present danger of a flue fire.

It is essential that your chimney flue is properly cleaned, preferably before you light that first fire of the winter. Whilst your fire is active, the smoke that goes up the chimney deposits soot, tar and creosote on the inside of the flue, this build-up can be hard to clear and can, if not seen to, restrict the escape of gasses like carbon monoxide which will flow back into the room where the fire is.

Having the chimney swept is only half the solution as the deposits set hard when the flue is cold and can be difficult to manually remove.


*It is essential to have the chimney inspected and swept at least once per year to break up the accumulation of soot and check for obstructions to the flue*

We have a couple of solutions that will keep your chimney clean and you don’t have to clean up afterwards.

Firstly there is Hotspot Flue Free Chimney Cleaner  This is a powder you burn with a small fire in the grate, which weakens the bonding of the build-up to the chimney wall

Along the same lines, we have Sorcerer Flue and Chimney Cleaner  A sachet you place in a low fire that also weakens the bonds of the build-up.

If you want something a little more solid, then we recommend the Chimney Cleaning Log Just place in a low fire and leave to burn.

All the above will reduce the build up of creosote over time and use of the fire and make having an open fire safer to use.

Don’t forget to have the chimney swept at some point, after all, it’s only a few weeks before “you know who” pays a visit.


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Limited Time Only – Put Some Fire In Your Belly.

Ranked the USA’s #2 best selling Hot Sauce.


Quickly becoming the UK’s favourite, beloved by many, including a few celebrity chefs including Jamie Oliver.

Whilst our Free Cholula Hot Sauce Offer has now come to a close, after giving away over 1000 free 60ml Bottles. I am pleased to announce our Limited Time, Put Some Fire In Your Belly promotion.


Enjoy huge savings on individual bottles and bigger savings can be made if you purchase a case.



Not just the Original flavour, this promotion includes the Chipotle and Chili-Garlic flavours too.

Our 60ml bottles have been reduced from £1.89 to just 99p per bottle, that’s right! almost half price!

Better yet, stock up and purchase a case which is 6 bottles of firey goodness for only £5.95, that’s a further saving of £2.00 from an already reduced price of £7.95 per case.



But wait! we haven’t finished yet.


Our 150ml bottles, that’s more than twice the amount of sauce, have also been reduced.

Reduced from £2.89 down to a tongue blistering £1.95

If you feel brave enough you can get a case of these as well for a huge saving of £4.00 a case. Yes £4.00, down from £14.95 to a mouth watering £10.95


Remember, Cholula Hot Sauce is not just for Taco’s and Enchiladas, it goes very nicely on Pizza and Burgers, Chicken and Pasta.

As they say in Mexico “poner algún fuego en el abdomen y hacer que su corazón se disparan” which means “put some fire in your belly and make your heart soar”

Average Joe And The Office Of Doom

We all like to be clean and hygienic, we wash and bathe daily (in most cases) and we wash our hands after using the toilet or after handling something unpleasant. The same care extends to our living space as well, we clean it regularly, we use cleaning agents and soaps to ensure we are safe from germs and bacteria that could do some serious harm if they were left unchecked.

So far so good right. But…

A large majority of the working population in the UK work in an office environment of one form or another. For most of us, these are large open plan offices with many desks and many people all working in a bright, open and airy environment, air conditioned for everyone’s comfort. Except, how hygienic are they really?

Does this sound familiar?  it’s home time. You shut down your computer, you go home, you hug and kiss the other half, maybe pick up your child and hug and kiss them too. What have you just done? you have potentially just passed on a cocktail of bacteria you weren’t even aware you had and a short time later, the kids are ill and everyone has a cold.

“but our offices are cleaned daily, I’ve seen them in the evening” i’m sure they are, i’m sure they even wipe clean your desk as well, but what about the items on the desk.

mouseThe dirtiest item in your office is your computer mouse, studies have found it is home to more than three times the bacteria levels of the average toilet seat, how many times a day do you use your computer mouse without thinking? do you alone use your desk, many companies use a “hot-desking” system where multiple employees use the same desk because of shift work, that can exponentially increase your exposure to bacteria.

Now obviously, you cannot eliminate 100% your exposure to workplace bacteria but you can minimise your risk.

Take a few extra minutes in the morning before you start work and wipe down your workstation with anti-bacterial wipes, we recommend Compuclean Office Equipment Wipes use 1 wipe for the desk surface, especially if you like to eat at your desk at lunchtime. Use a second wipe for the keyboard, this is the second dirtiest item in the office and use a third wipe for the top surface and sides of the mouse. The packs are resealable and can be kept in your desk or bag. That should give you a fighting chance.

One other point, to minimise the risk of taking anything home with you, thoroughly wash your hands just before leaving for the day. Get rid of the work funk before handling your loved ones.

Open plan workspaces are great melting pots of bacteria, office planners and architects spend hours creating a vision of a modern working environment, from desk layout to window placement, but not one of them stops to consider the risk of illness and spread of a virus inside such an environment.

How many times has this happened? someone gets a cold, comes to work coughing and sneezing and a week or so later you get ill despite having no contact directly with the infected person?


You may not realise, but just because “sneezy” is sitting the other side of the office from you, you are still being infected by their virus.


You may not realize it, but that multiphase turbulent buoyant cloud you’re about to expel in a sneeze of cough have associated gas clouds that keep their potentially infectious droplets aloft over much greater distances than previously realised

That was quoted from a new study made by MIT in America.

When you cough or sneeze, you see the droplets, or feel them if someone sneezes on you,” says John Bush, a professor of applied mathematics at MIT, and co-author of a new paper on the subject. “But you don’t see the cloud, the invisible gas phase. The influence of this gas cloud is to extend the range of the individual droplets, particularly the small ones.


Researchers have illuminated the flows of coughs with powerful lasers and fancy photo techniques through the use of powerful computers to model this flow of thousands of tiny particles. They’ve used heated manikins and cough machines in rooms filled with tiny droplets of olive oil or theatrical smoke to track how air moves, where breath goes, and how exposed we are to someone else’s cough.
A typical cough starts with a deep breath, followed by a compression of air in the lungs and then a crackling burst as that air is forced out in a fraction of a second.
The average human cough would fill about three-quarters of a two-liter soda bottle with air — air that shoots out of the lungs in a jet several feet long. Coughs also force out thousands of tiny droplets of saliva. About 3,000 droplets are expelled in a single cough, and some of them fly out of the mouth at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

Sneezing is even worse.

It starts at the back of the throat and produces even more droplets — as many as 40,000 — some of which rocket out at speeds greater than 200 miles per hour. The vast majority of the droplets are less than 100 microns across — the width of a human hair. Many of them are so tiny that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

What happens to these droplets depends on their size,” said fluid dynamicist Bakhtier Farouk of Drexel University in Philadelphia. He is working on software that models how microscopic droplets move around a room.
Most of the larger, heavier drops fall quickly to the floor under the influence of gravity. The smaller and lighter particles (those that are five microns or less across) are less affected by gravity and can stay airborne almost indefinitely as they are caught up in and dispersed by the room’s airflow.

The upshot of all that is even though the person with the cold is coughing at the back of the room, chances are you are still breathing in their germs thanks to that wonderful, open plan, modern, working environment you are sitting in.


Now don’t get me started on office Air Conditioning!!

#National Curry Week

Yes, I know I’m late to the party but there is still the weekend!

Masala, Korma, Biryani, Madras, Jalfrezi, Vindaloo, Mango Chutney, lime Yoghurt, Popadoms, Rice and Naan bread. Yum!


National Curry Week gives curry fans a chance to vote for the UK’s curry capital, curry pub of the year, favourite restaurant, and best signature dish.

Curry comes from the Tamil word kari, or spiced sauce, which was originally a thin, soup-like, spiced dressing served in southern India, amongst many other stew-like dressings for meat and vegetables. Europeans took it to mean any one of their thin dressings, and the Portuguese are credited with popularising it after they colonised parts of India – there is a recipe for kari in a 17th Century Portuguese cookery book.

The Portuguese discovered India, and Britain followed, but Britain is the country that actually brought spice to the whole world.

The first curry recipe in English was published by Hannah Glasse in 1747.

To Make a Currey the India Way, was a stew of chicken or rabbits, with a spoonful of rice and several spices” – the portions being the reverse of what is served today.

What had been an Indian sauce to go with rice, became an English stew with a little rice in it.

However it came to be, you can’t beat a good curry.

One problem, and this has happened to all of us, is spillage. You know the scenario, out with your mates at your favourite curry house, talking and eating at the same time and Whoops! your hand-eye coordination goes on vacation for a second and now you have curry all down your top and you just know that ain’t going to come out very easily, that sucker is Turmeric and Saffron, two ingredients that were used for clothing dyes back in the day.

But fear not, we can save your favourite shirt, we have the technology, well other people do. We sell the technology!

Firstly I give you, the master,Stain-away-no1_380

HG Stain Away Nº1, removes Curry stains and also Ketchup, Mustard and all the usual suspects that get attracted to a pristine clean top at dinnertime.

Secondly, the new kid on the blockDr_Beckmann_Stain_Devils Dr. Beckmann’s Stain Devils, especially formulated to work on Curry and other typical fast food type stains like pizza and pasta, a good all rounder this one.



So get out there this weekend and support National Curry Week and have yourself a very tasty time to boot and don’t worry if you get Vindaloo down your shirt, we got you covered.


Aero 360 Pure. It’s That Time Of Year Again.

It’s That time of year again, when the leaves turn, the nights pull in, temperatures plummet and the central heating gets switched on. Then it happens, Condensation on the windows because your nice, warm and cosy room heats the air inside it, which, will pull cooler air to it, this process is called Convection and the warm air will “condense” and produce water droplets when it meets a cooler surface like a window.

With all the energy saving insulation and double or triple glazing in homes now, the moisture laden air can’t escape so condensation becomes a problem as it will breed Black Mould if it is not controlled properly.

This is where we come in with the fantastic  Unibond Aero 360º Pure Moisture Control System.


How it works is simple. Just place the unit on a window sill or place close to the area where condensation forms and just wait. The top half of the unit contains a moisture absorbing “Tab” which will draw the moisture laden air to it where the water content is drawn out and captured in the lower half of the unit.

When the capture tray is full, just pour away the water. The capture tray even comes with a built in spout to make pouring easier.

One of these units will comfortably take care of a room approx 20m² (an average sized bedroom for instance).

When the Moisture Tab runs out (it works for approx 3 months per tab), you can easily get replacements in both Unscented and Lavender scented forms to give you another 3 months use.

You may have already seen the Television Advert for these systems, last year, they were almost impossible to get hold of after the TV ads began so don’t get caught out and purchase today, stock is available now.

From a small seed to melting a womans heart….

Oh what a joyous thing is the Theobroma cacao seed. Once dried and fermented, cocoa solids can be extracted and that makes up the major ingredient in the most wondrous substance ever created, CHOCOLATE.


All this Week (12th – 18th Oct) is National Chocolate Week, which culminates in the Chocolate Show at Olympia (16th – 18th).

Named by the Swedish Naturalist Carl Linnaeus in the 18th Century, Theobroma literally means “Food of The Gods”, it was even used as currency by the Aztecs before the Spanish conquest and was worth more than gold at the time.

Brought to Europe by the Spanish the 16th century, as a fermented drink, it wasn’t until 1847 that Joseph Fry made chocolate moldable by adding back melted Cocoa Butter to the liquid. In 1875 Daniel Peter used a powdered Milk developed by Henri Nestle and created Milk Chocolate and in 1879 the taste and texture was refined by Swiss confectioner Rudolphe Lindt when he invented the “Conching” machine which evenly distributes the ingredients during mixing.

With the success of companies like Nestle, Lindt, Cadbury and Hershey, we have the chocolate you are all familiar with today.


Chocolate comes in an almost endless variety of flavours today and can be used a principle ingredient or accompanying accoutrement to thousands of foods. It even combines well with other beverages like Coffee or Tea and some forms of Alcohol.

We stock a selection of Chocolate flavoured Teas by Yogi for example, and the Chocolate flavours are by far the biggest selling.

The Choco flavour combines the Chocolate flavour with hints Ginger and Cinnamon.


The Choco Chili is the same flavour that was around when the Aztecs were drinking Chocolate before Cortez wiped them out.


The Choco Mint is refreshing and relaxing at the sametime.


Mind You, it has it’s drawbacks too.

Ever tried getting chocolate out of your favourite top or shirt?  not fun is it!

we have something that will make your life easier.

HG Stain Away 4, 


made by HG for textiles only, it works wonders on chocolate stains and other organic liquids notoriously hard to remove. (we will be adding a video to our Youtube channel showcasing this in action).




If you do need an excuse for a fix of Chocolate then this week is the week for you.


Adios Free Cholula

After tantalising and melting the tastebuds of thousands of our customers, our free Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce offer is finally coming to an end soon.


But don’t give up the enchiladas just yet, whilst the offer will be ending, we still have limited supplies of the free sauce.




So get out the Fajitas and knock up some Nachos






put a loo roll in the fridge and grab your free bottle quick, by simply placing an order on our site this weekend.



Important News!! More Cuts Than The Chancellors Budget!

I don’t know if you have noticed yet but we have reduced the prices of hundreds of our products recently and we will continue to reduce hundreds more. We have also reduced shipping costs to give you the best price deal we can and we do this despite the constant price increases from manufacturers, courier charges and packing materials, costs we have been absorbing rather than passing along to the consumer.

As part of this process some of you have noticed some discrepancies in some of our prices especially concerning case size deals and offers. These will all be corrected as we work through our catalogue, but in the meantime if you do have any queries please call us (01733 241960). We are also happy to take phone orders.

However we are making a long overdue increase to our minimum order value to qualify for Free Delivery*. The new qualifying value is £75 (including VAT). The previous level of £60 had been in place on our site since 2009!!

Going forward we will endeavour to keep our prices as competitive as we can whilst providing a good service to our customers and a decent working environment for our staff.

Richard Crisp

Managing Director

Homecare Essentials Ltd

*to Mainland UK orders only. See our Terms and Conditions for more information

Charlie Considers.. The Red Pouch or The Blue Pouch


What I love about the Red Pouch, is that it is for my most favourite room in the house, The Kitchen. That’s where the food is. When my owner is distracted, I can sneak bits of food or I can sit and look forlorn and then they will sometimes throw me a treat, It doesn’t work all the time, my owners are clever.

The other day, I was in the Kitchen as my owner was cleaning the Human bowls after their feeding time and I heard my owner making noises at the shelf that has water in it where they clean the food bowls, the water was not going away like it normally does, so my owner went into the forbidden cupboard, i’m not allowed in the forbidden cupboard, it has nasty smelling things in there, and brought out the Red Pouch. The Red Pouch didn’t smell like food so I sat and watched.

My owner opened the Red Pouch and poured the insides in to the shelf that has water in it, this was new, not long after, the shelf that has water in it began to make a noise like Coco’s belly before she makes smell and I get shouted at. My owner was happy because all the water had gone.

My owner also has a Blue Pouch, I don’t like the Blue Pouch because my Owner uses that in the room that makes me Wet and smell funny. I don’t go in that room.

I like The Red Pouch.


Thank You Charlie For Considering Which Pouch. The Red and Blue pouches are a new product from our friends at Kilrock. Slam plughole Unblocker. The Red Pouch is designed to be used exclusively for the Kitchen. It dissolves Fat, Grease and Food, the usual things that would block up your kitchen sink.

The Blue Pouch is exclusively designed for use in the Bathroom. It dissolves Hair, Sludge and Soap Scum.

Both Kitchen and Bathroom Red and Blue Pouches are available for sale.


*Disclaimer: Charlie did not review these products. He’s a Dog. And they are colour blind.

Top Of The Shop – September

Welcome to our monthly Top 10, our best selling products for September.


*cue Led Zeppelin – A Whole lotta Love*

Straight in at Nº10 SupaGarden Garden and Tent Pegs

New at Nº9 Hotspot Flue Free Chimney Cleaner

Another new entry at Nº8 Jacuzzi Whirlpool Spa Bath Sanitiser 30 Tablets

Also a brand new entry at Nº7 No More Spiders Spider Repellent Spray

Yet another new entry at Nº6 Inspired Mattress Stain Remover 300ml

Our final new entry at Nº5  Sticky Stuff Remover Spray Gel 200ml

Down one place to Nº4 One Shot Instant liquid Drain Cleaner

Moving Up 6 places to Nº3 3M Command Adhesive Poster Strips


From last months number 6 to this months Nº2 The Bar keepers Friend Bundle Pack


For the second month running, still at Nº1 HG Window Cleaner


Can it make it 3 months in a row at Number 1? stay tuned.