Up until now, Tri-Bio was a name not known outside the USA. The company has developed a revolutionary series of cleaning products for all areas of the home, now, when I say revolutionary, I’m not using a marketing buzzword, I mean a new way of approaching an over saturated marketplace, this is something not seen before.

Tri-Bios cleaners are “Probiotic”, you might think that word is familiar and you would be right, chances are your yogurt is probiotic or the low cholesterol drink you take. A Probiotic is a living organism, a bacteria, but a good bacteria. Other “Bio” labeled cleaners make use of a chemical reactant to break down the dirt, Tri-Bio use the probiotic approach, the bacteria literally eat the dirt, their tagline is “Eco that does clean” and you do not get much more “Eco” than using a live organism to eat your dirt.

Totally safe to the environment, completely 100% allergen free and recommended for Asthma sufferers.

Very recently, the company was granted a licence to trade in Europe and we were approached to provide for the UK market, We are very proud to announce that we have stock and are the first UK merchant to offer Tri-Bio to the British public.


Check out the initial range of products HERE, We will be expanding the range as more products become available.

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