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New Product Announcement

Introducing Pierre D’Argent Natural Multi-purpose Cleaner paste.

Made in France, Pierre D’Argent Natural Multi-purpose Cleaner is a convenient, use almost anywhere multi-purpose cleaner. It will leave a protective coating that does not dull the surface applied to and leaves a pleasing Lavender or Lemon fragrance.
It contains no phosphates or other harmful chemicals.

For use on Glass top stoves, Stainless steel, Silver, Brass and Copper, Shower doors, Tiles, BBQ Grills, Outdoor furniture, Pools and Jacuzzis, Microwaves and Cookers Aluminium Wheels, Chromes, Grills and Leather.

Simple to use,

Wet the sponge and wipe it over the paste. Apply to the soiled area in a circular motion then rinse with water and wipe dry with a Microfibre Cloth.

Let the paste dry before closing the container.

Note: Always test for colour fastness on a non-visible part prior to use.

New Products Galore

Been a while since we have done one of these posts, Mostly new products arrive one at a time and spread out over the course of a few months, so it is unusual to get three all at once.

First up, while not a new product per se, Wykamol Thermal Dry No More Damp Anti Condensation Paint has been around for a while now, a new sized tub has been produced, already available as a 5 litre tub, Wykamol have reasoned that not everyone needs 5 litres for say a small area or small room and 5 litres would be a waste.

Now produced in a more handy sized 2.5 litre container, means less waste which is always good.

Next up is a brand new product from Liberon. Produced under their V33 brand Multi-Surface Renovation Paint is a game changer. Unlike normal household emulsion paints that are suitable for only certain types of surface, the Renovation paint can be used on multiple surfaces like woodwork, floors, ceilings, wallpaper, radiators, plaster etc. No more needing 3 or 4 different types of paint for the various surfaces, the Renovation paint has an integrated undercoat and revolutionary high adhesion polymers that means no run or spatter even with a roller on the ceiling. It really does take just one coat.

Lastly we have a new product from HG, which, in itself is a newsworthy event, adding to their already extensive drain unblocker range, HG Gel unblocker is for almost all types of drains, the gel like liquid sinks through any standing water in the pipes to get directly to the point of the blockage and eats its way through, in contrast to granule-based unblockers, the product cannot worsen the blockage and has no effect on plastic drains. Ready to use, the gel will not splash and is effective in 30 minutes and does not require a hot water flush afterwards.

New Product Announcement

A little bit of a departure from our usual product lines, new from Manor Fireside Products, exterior, lockable, post boxes.

Named after the more affluent London areas, these attractive wall mounted post boxes would not look out of place in the areas they are named after.


All the post boxes come supplied with 2 keys and the all the fixtures needed to mount the box to the wall.

Weatherproof , all the boxes have covered letter slots and extra large openings to get even the largest letter out of the box safely without damage.

Attractively coloured white except the Kensington which is Stainless Steel. The boxes are subtle and understated with minimal styling, although the Bloomsbury has a Swiss cuckoo clock style look to it.

The post boxes are limited availability so grab one quick, just click the image of your choice to be taken directly to the purchase page on our website.

Yogi Tea goes cold!

2019 marks a special anniversary, it was 50 years ago that Yogi Bhajan came to the west and started teaching Yoga and holistic living, for his students he served them a drink of his own infusion blend of herbs and spices and “Yogi” tea was born.

This year, Yogi have picked a leaf from Liptons tea bush and introduced a range of cold or “iced” teas to add to their ever expanding range of beverages.

Available in four delicious flavours, Hibiscus Mint with Raspberry Leaves, Mate Lemon with Green Tea, Spearmint Lemon with Peppermint and Orange Ginger with Basil.

100% organic agricultural ingredients, gluten free and vegan friendly. Each bottle also contains a hidden message of ayurvedic philosophic wisdom as practiced by Yogi Bhajan himself.

If you are an imbiber of iced teas, these new flavours bring a welcome change from the standard peach or lemon flavours currently in circulation and regular drinkers of Yogi teas will taste the familiar that is unique to Yogi tea.

On a warm day (a rarity in the UK I know) a cold iced tea really refreshes and I can see these becoming a high demand product should the weather take a turn for the warmer.

New Yogi Tea, For The Senses

Available from today, Yogi have introduced a new range of their delicious herbal teas called “For The Senses”.

Starting initially with four new and exciting flavours, what makes these blends different from the others in the Yogi range is they are made with plant essential oils, which, intensify the aroma and excite the taste buds giving a more rounded and fuller flavour.

Beginning with the “Blue” box, Pure Freshness combines the essential oils of Peppermint and Spearmint along with Ginger and Lemongrass, every sip is more refreshing than the last, keeping your taste buds tingling. A tea like a pleasant sea breeze.

Next, we have the “Purple” box, Good Night combines Lavender oil and Chamomile blossoms along with Hops to invites you to a pleasant journey to the realm of dreams. A harmonious companion for quite evening hours and a meditative end to the day.

Following on to the “Yellow” box, Pure Happiness allows your senses to soar with essential oils of refreshing lemon grass and fizzy lemon. Carefully combined with green Sencha tea and ginger, a wonderful tea experience has been created, with an aroma to conjure a smile just by preparing it.

Finally we have the “Green” box, Peaceful Moment will Enchant your senses with essential lavender oil. Carefully combined with fresh lemon balm and mild Rooibos, a wonderful tea experience has been created, allowing you to enjoy a harmonious moment of peace.

Yogi are so confident you will love For The Senses tea, they have increased the number of tea bags in the box to twenty, giving you three extra cups of this amazing tea.

Click on the name or the image and you will be taken to the product page on our website where you can place your order. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

Brand New Products From HG

Not often I get to say those words, HG have a tried and trusted product range and do not often add to it, but over the next few months, I will be showcasing a number of new products from HG.

Today, I am proud to introduce you to HG Drain Odour Remover.

I can’t think of many smells in the home that will singe the nose hairs as bad as drain odour, I even rate it above the Christmas dinner brussels sprout aftermath.

Smelly drains are normally due to organic buildup on the walls of the pipes and drains decomposing and while there are plenty of products to deal with a blocked drain readily available, there are not any that I know of that deal with the smell at the source.(febreeze over the plughole does not count!)

Well HG have stepped up, Drain Odour Remover is a simple little product that anyone can use, you just pour the required capfuls of granules down the plughole and wait 30 minutes and then just flush through with hot water.

The nose hair curling odour should be gone along with the deposits that caused them and replaced with a fresh clean fragrance with a hint of pine and mountain flowers.

To keep your drains and plugholes smelling fresh and clean, it is recommended to use the Drain Odour Remover at least once every 4 weeks and the 500g bottle will keep you going for 10 treatments.

So now you can save your embarrassment of unexplained nasty niffs when the Vicar calls and stop blaming the dog for the pong in the kitchen.

Save £3.00 With HG’s Brand New Complete Bathroom Care Kit.

Previously exclusive to QVC, we are pleased to announce the Complete Bathroom Care Kit is now available for sale to the general market.

If you missed the QVC presentation, I will explain what the Complete Bathroom Care Kit consists of.

The Complete Bathroom Care Kit handles those tough cleaning jobs with ease. Be it shower, toilet, limescale or mould, this kit handles them all.

The Complete Bathroom Care Kit contains:

1x 500ml bottle of Professional limescale remover. The extremely powerful, super-concentrated product for the removal of limescale and calcium deposits from: taps, bathtubs, toilets and shower walls and for the descaling of blocked shower heads.

1x 500ml bottle of Mould remover foam spray, this immediately destroys mould from damp places – inside and outside.

1x 500ml bottle of Shower and Washbasin spray this is the ideal every-day cleaner for washbasins, synthetic shower cubicles and tiled walls.

1x 500ml bottle of Super powerful toilet cleaner, it easily removes stubborn dirt from the toilet pan, such as stubborn limescale, uric acid or other types of difficult to remove deposits.

If you were to purchase these products individually it would cost you £15.95, The Complete Bathroom Care Kit will cost you £12.95, a saving of £3.00

These bundle packs are limited availability and once they are gone, that’s it, so don’t delay, grab one before they disappear.

Save £5.00 With HG’s Brand New Outdoor Garden Bundle Pack.

Previously exclusive to QVC, we are pleased to announce the Outdoor Garden Bundle Pack is now available for sale to everyone.

If you missed the QVC presentation, I will explain what the Outdoor Garden Bundle Pack consists of.

To help you enhance and maintain your garden space and to enjoy the good weather while it lasts, HG have put together a collection of garden and outdoor products in a single pack which is considerably less in cost than buying the items separately.

The Outdoor Garden Bundle Pack contains

2 x 1 litre bottles of HG’s best selling Patio Cleaner which is a highly concentrated cleaner that has been specially designed for the cleaning of dirty and stained concrete, slabs and paving stones.

1 x 1 litre bottle of the outstanding Algae and Mould Remover which removes the familiar mould, algae, lichen or moss from external surfaces such as patios, paths, walls, tiles, fences, decking, boats, caravans and terracotta pots, etc.

1 x 500ml bottle of the fantastic Powerful Garden Furniture Cleaning Spray that is a powerful cleaner to quickly and easily remove stubborn dirt from plastic garden furniture.

If you were to purchase these products individually it would cost you £17.95, The Outdoor Garden Bundle Pack will cost you £12.95, a saving of £5.00

These bundle packs are limited availability and once they are gone, that’s it, so don’t delay, grab one before they disappear.

Kilrock Taking The Rhino By The Horn.

For years, drain unblocking products have generally had one principle ingredient, H2SO4, otherwise known as Sulfuric Acid.

In recent times, probably as a direct result of attacks using acid to do harm, the Home office have slowly and inexorably tightened controls over the sale and purchase of acid based products. In fact there is rumored legislation being drafted to ban the sale of Acid based cleaners and unblockers sometime in the next 12 months.

For a while now, one of the best and strongest drain unblockers currently on the market has been Rhino Drain Unblocker made by Kilrock Manufacturing, it contains close to 85% sulfuric acid and will literally eat through just about anything you may have stuck down your drain. This, however, causes a problem for Kilrock as the product will be banned under the rumored new legislation.

In order to address the problem, the big brains over at Kilrock came up with an alternative solution that did not impact the effectiveness of the unblocker but also does not use acid as it’s primary ingredient.


Rhino Drain Unblocker Non-Acid Formula

Still as effective as the acid based version but there is no acid used in its formulation. Instead it makes use of Sodium Hydroxide to dissolve the organic matter that causes the blockage in the drain. Sodium Hydroxide is one of those unobtrusive chemicals found in everyday objects like soap, air filters, cleaning agents and food preparation materials. It is more commonly known as caustic soda or lye.

While not based on an acid compound, it is recommended you take the same care when using it and always fully read the label before use.

If the legislation comes to pass, acid based products will become a thing of the past and it will be up to companies like Kilrock to come up with alternatives like this one to fill the gap.

ThermalDry. Something New and Truly Unique From Wykamol

Call me a jaded old cynic, but it is not often I get excited about new products now, they all use wording like ground breaking or revolutionary and usually they are just variations on an already established theme or “oh look, it’s blue now” or “Didn’t this use to be bigger?”. So when this product from Wykamol came across my desk, I was prepared to be, shall we say, unenthusiastic, then I read what it does.


Wykamol No More Damp ThermalDry Anti-Condensation Coating 

“What makes this any different from the other anti-mould and damp paints they do?” it is the word THERMAL.

Below is the “technical” explanation from Wykamol on how this works.

Thermaldry incorporates Micro-Technology in the form of hollow glass beads, with a size of 50 um and a crush strength of 500 psi. The micro, hollow glass beads act like miniature ‘Thermos Flasks’, blocking thermal energy by reflecting it away from the wall and protecting the walls from damp, which causes moisture and therefore mould growth.

All of these properties combined enables Thermaldry to increase the wall temperature, thus reducing the ‘dew point’ or the temperature at which condensation occurs.

In basic terms it warms up your wall to stop condensation from forming and thus giving mould the conditions needed to grow in.

When applied, the walls feel warm to the touch and Wykamol even say it may save you money by reducing thermal conductivity by 4 times, saving energy and fuel costs in your home. Best of all, you do not need to remove the old finish either, just apply over the top.

It can be applied over existing paint or wall paper, plaster, brick, concrete, metal and plastic and itself can then be papered or painted over with the colour of your choice and it will not effect how it works in the slightest.

Available as a 5 litre tub, it will give you a coverage of 4-5m² /Litre depending on the porosity of the substrate.

I think the word that sums up just how much of a leap forward this product is, is, revolutionary!

A real game changer, you mark my words.