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Brand New Product – HG Hagesan Freezer De-Icer

HG Hagesan Fridge De-Icer

HG Hagesan Fridge De-Icer

An exciting new product from HG Hagesan.

When the deep freezer or the freezer compartment ices up, it becomes smaller and the energy consumption goes up significantly. Thanks to HG Hagesan Freezer De-Icer, this ice can be removed simply and quickly, without the frozen food having time to defrost.

Regular use of HG Hagesan Freezer De-Icer reduces icing-up to a minimum. This saves costs because of lower energy consumption and it extends the lifespan of your freezer.

Available in a 500ml spray bottle for only £5.29

Want to save money? Buy a case of 6 for only £4.76 per unit.

Click here to order online now.

New Product Alert – Kilrock Descaler Gel

Kilrock Descaler Gel

Kilrock Descaler Gel

At last a product to clean limescale deposits on the ends of taps where it actively dissolves limescale.

Most limescale products just run off the end of the tap – this unique gel clings to the limescale on the end of your taps.

For more information and to buy online click here.

Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce – Including 2 Exciting New Flavours!

Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce

Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce

2 exciting new flavours of this amazing hot sauce to tickle your taste buds! Chilli Garlic & Chipotle – Click here to buy now.

Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce is an absolute favourite here – it goes on everything!! – even beans on toast! Cholula is a premium sauce for eveyone who enjoys adding heat and flavour to a wide variety of foods. Launched in the USA by Jose Cuervo International (famous for their Tequila) in 1991.

Cholula Hot Sauce has been the No.1 Hot Sauce in the US since 2001 overtaking its main rival Tabasco, which delivers heat but without subtlety.

Cholula has quite a different taste profile to Tabasco. Cholula does not have a strong vinegar base. Though spicy, Cholula has a greater depth than Tabasco.

Now with 3 exciting flavours to choose from Click here to buy now and add some spice to your cooking!

For Cholula recipes and inspiration Click Here.

HG Hagesan 4 in 1 for Leather

HG Hagesan 4 in 1 For Leather

HG Hagesan 4 in 1 For Leather

HG Hagesan 4 in 1 for Leather is a modern water-based care and maintenance product specially developed for full-aniline and coloured types of leather such as that used for furniture, suitcases and bags. HG 4 in 1 for Leather is not suitable for suede or nubuck leather.

Nourishes leather, keeping it soft and supple, and prevents drying out due to the sun or other sources of heat. Leaves a thin non-slippery and non-sticky molecular layer behind which is perspiration resistant and permits the easy removal of dirt (including ballpoint ink).

Furthermore, HG 4 in 1 for Leather deepens the colour and structure of the leather.

Click here to buy yours now.

To clean dirty leather and/or for use prior to treating with HG 4 in 1 for Leather use HG Hagesan Deep Cleaner for Leather

For quick and easy cleaning use our Leather Wipes. To give additional protection use HG Hagesan Water, Oil, Grease and Dirt Repellent for Leather.

HG Hagesan Mould Spray

HG Hagesan Mould Spray tops bestsellers list again this month!

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HG Hagesan Mould Spray

HG Hagesan Mould Spray – Effectively removes all black and brown stains caused by mould fungus, moss and algae Order online or on 01733 241960.

Prices as low as £3.95 each bottle of HG Mould Spray.

Click here to buy yours now.

As Recommended by Aggie MacKenzie from How Clean is Your House?

HG Hagesan Mould Spray effectively removes all black and brown stains caused by mould, fungus, moss and algae inside and outside. HG Mould Spray bleaches grey and black mould spots and green algae spots.

These unsightly black or brown marks are found on the silicon seal between the bath tub and edges of tiles, on the shower cubicles and on plaster. HG Hagesan Mould Spray is for cleaning tiled walls, (also suitable for marble) and grouting in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, cellar, basement, sauna, garage, shed etc. HG Mould Spray also cleans facades, balconies, plant boxes and garden ornaments but NOT wood.

For treating ceilings and interior and exterior walls we recommend using our Fungicidal Wash. For smaller areas of paintwork, wallpaper and rubber seals use Fungicidal Spray.

For cleaning wood and large surfaces with green deposits we advise using HG Moss, Algae and Mould Remover.

Mould is caused by high humidity. A HG Moisture Absorber reduces the relative humidity in damp rooms to an acceptable level. This prevents all the undesirable consequences such as condensation, a musty smell, mould, damp patches, vermin and wood rot.

Click here to download our FREE leaflet to advise on damp and mould problems (pdf).

New Product – HG Duo Drain Unblocker

HG Duo Drain Unblocker

HG Duo Drain Unblocker for persistent blockages

HG Duo Drain Unblocker


When nothing else works! HG Hagesan Duo Unblocker has been specially developed for the most persistant blockages in your kitchen or bathroom drains, caused by grease or food remnants, hair, toothpaste, soap remnants or skin grease.

HG Duo Unblocker is based on a unique two component technology that can be used to remedy different types of blockages effectively.

Depending on the application (ie. Kitchen or Bathroom) you need different doses from each bottle. Follow the instructions on the HG Duo Unblocker for best results.

HG Duo Unblocker is safe for nearly all drains, is ready to use and does not splash or foam.

HG Duo Unblocker comes with a unique money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Price: £10.49 (2 x 500ml)

Click here to buy your HG Duo Drain Unblocker now