Most of us take cleaning the house for granted, just a chore that we have to endure to avoid mice and bugs and things and also because who doesn’t want a clean place to live.

For some though, cleaning the house can be dangerous to their health. A lot of off the shelf cleaning products have caustic ingredients (that’s why they are good at cleaning) and these ingredients give off vapours that if you suffer from any sort of respiratory problems could have dire consequences.

Some companies now have alternative cleaners that help to alleviate these problems, Method being one such company.

Posted below is a genuine feedback, left by a customer on 21st June.

I suffer with asthma and cleaning products trigger this off. I have been finding the usual branded name cleaning products more and more intolerable to use. They left my chest tight and wheezy after a deep clean. I researched the internet and found out that its the high “voc”levels and all the nasty toxic ingredients that left me short of breath. So I looked for some cleaning products that have low doses of these. Homecare essentials stock products by Method, so I ordered a shower spray, kitchen cleaner and multi purpose cleaner. Not only are these products fantastic! ( better cleaning power than my usual) but I no longer need to reach for my inhaler. I have now given my old products away and will be replacing them with products by Method. Honestly if sprays trigger your asthma, try them. I no longer dread cleaning day ( well, yes I do, I hate cleaning) but I no longer suffer because of it. They also smell divine and are so gentle, you don’t need rubber gloves either.”  – Dean Grayson.

Thank you Dean for the feedback. Just knowing we have made a small difference in a persons life certainly gives me the “warm and fuzzies” and thanks to Dean, we can now advise other customers with similar issues to try the → METHOD ← range of cleaning and washing products, all natural ingredients and hypoallergenic.

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