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Method Toilet Cleaner 709ml – New Bottle and New Fragrance

NEW Latest Method Toilet Cleaner

Method Cleaning Products have re-launched their Toilet Cleaner. With a brand new bottle and a new Spearmint Fragrance.

Method_Toilet_CleanerLook your toilet in the eye again

Don’t replace one unpleasant odour with another in the name of clean. Your toilet – and your nose – deserve better. Our non-toxic, biodegradable, gel toilet cleaner is powered by natural citric acid to deep clean and remove tough stains and the only thing it leaves behind is the pleasant scent of spearmint.

Spearmint Fragrance

Just like your favourite chewing gum, spearmint makes you want to take a deep breath and say “ahhh.” the crisp minty fragrance of peppermint + spearmint bursts with cooling menthol, while a hint of geranium provides just the slightest floral note.

Method Toilet Cleaner is safe for septic tanks and cess pits, as all of the ingredients are biodegradable, also safe to use on natural stone provided it is sealed.


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Cholula Hot Sauce 1.89L

Catering Size (or for those who REALLY love the Original Cholula Hot Sauce!)

Cholula_CateringCholula Mexican Hot Sauce is an absolute favourite here at Homecare Essentials – it goes on everything!! – even beans on toast!

Cholula is a premium sauce for everyone who enjoys adding heat and flavour to a wide variety of foods. Launched in the USA by Jose Cuervo International (famous for their Tequila) in 1991.

Cholula Hot Sauce has been the No.1 Hot Sauce in the US since 2001 overtaking its main rival Tabasco, which delivers heat but without subtlety.

Cholula has quite a different taste profile to Tabasco. Cholula does not have a strong vinegar base. Though spicy, Cholula has a greater depth than Tabasco.

This large catering size Cholula is ideal for true Cholula addicts or if you are using Cholula commercially.

Even Jamie Oliver is using Cholula!


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