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Communications Blackout!

At the moment we are currently unable to send and receive email communication.

It started last night and our technical department are working at full capacity to fix the problem (we have denied them tea and biscuits until the problem has been resolved).

At present, I do not have a restoration time but be assured all emails will be responded to as soon as we receive them.

In the meantime, if you need to contact us regarding an order query placed on the “contact us” webform is working. If you placed an order on either our Amazon or eBay stores, you can contact us via the inbuilt email systems they both employ.

As always you can contact us by phone on 01733 241960 until 5.00pm but please be aware, the line is often busy so please leave a message and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

New Products From Tableau

When it comes to cleaning products for the home, Tableau pretty much have you covered. It was, therefore, quite a surprise when three new products arrived from them, pretty much unannounced.


Tableau Red Wine Stain Remover.

This little marvel will remove red wine and berry stains from carpets, table linen, soft furnishings and clothing. It is even effective on Marble surfaces too.

Just apply liberally to the surface and work the remover into the surface with a soft brush or micro-fiber cloth using gentle circular motions. There is no need to rinse.

Yours for £5.65 a bottle inc VAT*


Secondly we have.

Tableau Silver Cleaning Foam.

This tub of goodness cleans, polishes and gives long lasting shine protection.
The easy to use foam formula is great for use on large areas yet at the same time suitable for intricate detailing as all the foam is washed away leaving no polish residue.

Yours for just £4.95 a tub inc VAT*


Last but not least, there is.

Tableau Silver Polish.

This squeezable little bottle will give all your silver pieces a beautiful luster. The gentle formula cleans, polishes and gives lasting protection from tarnish.

Yours for £2.65 a bottle inc VAT*

As always click the product titles to be taken directly to the product page where you can purchase the items. You can also view all the other great products Tableau provide by clicking HERE

*P&P added at checkout.

Fire At Major Supplier!!

Pic source sky news

At around 9.20pm last night, A huge fire broke out at Rustins central warehouse and offices in Waterloo Road, North London.

It took almost 100 firefighters to bring the blaze under control and extinguish the fire.

The end result was a total destruction of the offices and central storage warehouse. We were in fact due to collect a large order today which will leave us unable to complete some orders.

In real terms this affects the following brands we carry across our sales platforms.






Oven Mate

House Mate




What this means is that for the foreseeable future, we have had to remove these brands from sale as we will not be able to replenish stocks when they run dry.

Current orders will be fulfilled where possible, should we be unable to fulfill your order because of this situation, we will contact you and advise.

Products will be re-added to the site as Rustins get production back on track and we can secure stock.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause to any customers whose orders are affected.

Our thoughts are extended to Ed and the team at Rustins who we have worked very closely with for a long time. We wish them all the best.


Are You Using The Right Cleaner??

You have just made a nice investment into your home and splashed out on some gorgeous looking granite worktops and surfaces, see how they sparkle in the light and have that mirror like shine coating on them, If you are serious about keeping them looking that way, then keep reading.


Granite is a low maintenance product that requires very little care, but it is important to use the right products to clean your granite countertops or floor. Despite its durability, granite is a porous stone that can absorb liquids, some of which result in staining or etching, a dullness that may permanently disfigure your granite. Here’s why you should avoid using acidic cleaning products on granite and other types of natural stone and what you should use instead.


Granite is not as soft as marble, but it can still be damaged. Etching is a type of damage that occurs when granite is exposed to acidic products. This damage of the surface often shows as dull etch spots on the surface, but it can also affect the entire surface of the granite if you use acidic cleaners. If the acidic product sits on the surface for too long, or if your granite is very porous, it can even result in indentations or erosion.


The reason acidic cleaners damage natural stone is because stone contains some concentration of calcite, which reacts to even weak acids by dissolving. Marble and limestone have a high amount of calcite and are most susceptible to etching, but granite is not impervious. In addition to some calcite, granite also has natural fissures and pits that can trap acidic cleaning products. This means the stone can degrade slowly over time.


Many common household cleaning products can damage granite countertops and floors. You are unlikely to see the damage for some time, by which point your countertops will appear dull and may even have visible indentions. Avoid any products that contain acids, including citric acid. Acidic foods such as vinegar, wine, lemon juice, pineapple, and tomatoes can also cause damage to natural stone.


Etch marks and dullness on granite can sometimes be repaired, but it’s not a DIY task. This is because the polished surface of the granite has been chemically damaged, so it’s not a matter of simply cleaning or buffing the stone. If your granite has already been damaged by harmful cleaning products, you will likely need to have the stone professionally refinished and repolished.


It’s important to know how to clean granite and maintain it. The best way to prevent damage to your granite counter tops is to use the right cleaning and sealing products. To prevent a hazy film, use a granite-safe cleaner like Granite Gold Daily Cleaner®. Your granite should also be sealed regularly to prevent chemicals and liquids from seeping into the porous stone and causing damage. To seal your granite, apply a granite sealer in three-foot sections. Immediately buff the sealer into the stone with a clean cloth until dry before moving on to the next section.


I have to credit the original authors of this article over at Granite Gold for their words of Wisdom. The original article can be found Here.