Once again, it is time when the individual nations of Europe come together in their love of “the beautiful game” and spend the next month trying to be very nice to each other.


Of course, we will be cheering for our home team England, in fact our MD has even given us time off to watch the games yay!

This has raised a bit of a quandary in the office because as our Marketing Manager pointed out, we are an international retailer and so we must also show support for our suppliers too.

As he is higher up the pecking order than I am and in the spirit of “International Harmony”

We break a Baguette for the host nation France who manufacture and supply our Liberon Range.


We enjoy a Bratwurst and Frikadellen for Germany, they provide us with our Yogi Tea and Severin products.

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We will also raise a glass of Abbaye de Bonne-Esperante for Belgium, they supply all our Ecover products.


And not forgetting Wales, they supply our Inspired range.


We would also like to offer a consolation cheer for the Netherlands who failed to qualify, they provide all our HG Hagesan products.



As Wales are in the same group as England our cheer is not so enthusiastic but it is the thought that counts.

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