The Latest Homecare Essentials Own Brand Product. 

Launched today, the Homecare Essentials Mattress Stain Remover.



We haven’t just stuck our own label over another product, this has been specially formulated exclusively for us by the chemistry wizards over at McKlords Chemical (they make the best selling Inspired Range of cleaning products).

Designed specifically for dried-in stains (these are the hardest to remove), the super strong formula just “eats” the stain and leaves you with a clean mattress and the best part, you didn’t even need to scrub, Just, spray, leave and wipe. Job done. This will work on all types of mattress except for Tempur and Memory Foam (these are just giant sponges and any type of liquid will just permeate right through the depth of the material and be impossible to remove).

Because we are always trying to give you the best value, we are providing an extra 200ml of cleaning goodness over the next best selling brand, 500ml, that’s half a litre in a bottle for just £4.49 plus postage.

Just click the link at the top of the page to go to the product page on our website.

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