Homecare Essentials is proud to announce a new product range. From the boffins that gave us the best selling “Inspired” range of products, comes a new line of cleaning products specially formulated to solve a specific problem.

“Got a freezer clogged with ice? – Problem Solved!”

“Out and about and got something icky on your hands? – Problem Solved!”

“Got a Tablet or a Mobile that’s covered in finger marks? – Problem Solved!”

The Problem Solved range offer cleaning solutions for the more “unusual” jobs that arise in the home, for instance, is there someone in your home that uses a hearing aid? now you can get a cleaner and sanitiser dedicated for it. Do you dread having to use the bathroom after it has just been vacated? well now there is an answer to that too and it is not an air freshener or plug in.

From kitchen sink grease trap cleaners to urine stain removers and odour neutralisers, Problem Solved will have that “problem solved!”

We have a selection of items from the range in stock at the moment. More are being added to our catalogue soon so click HERE and discover the items for yourself and you may find your Problem Solved!.

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