For the last few years, Briwax Original Wax Polish has come in various shades that match the colour of the most popular woods, be that various Oak, Pine or Mahogany shades. Briwax have now introduced a new colour shade that is a sideways step away from the more natural colours.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Briwax, the original wax polish is formulated with fast drying, stronger solvents which speed up drying, and also increase the cleaning ability of the wax slightly. This means that it will renovate older dirtier furniture and leave you with the deep grain enriching Briwax shine. It is Easy to apply and buff, Gives you a long lasting Satin sheen, it is Rapid drying and Can be applied directly to timber.

Introducing Briwax Original Polish Silver Grey designed to cater for the more “modern” looking wooden furniture that uses a non standard wood shade or a metallic effect wood, yet will still give the same great sheen that the other Briwax polishes provide.

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