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The End Of An Era. A New Dawn Approaches.

After 7 years of faithful service and over a million orders taken, we are finally retiring our current website. Although it was cutting edge when we launched it back in 2010, it has sadly become too old and intractable to keep up with the modern consumer and so like a thoroughbred that is too old to race, It is being put out to pasture and enjoy a long deserved rest.

Very soon now, we will be unveiling our brand new, all singing, all dancing website. Completely designed from the ground up by Advansys Ecommerce Solutions (Their website can be found HERE), the new website will have features we only dreamed about having previously, for example;

100% scalability, this means that regardless of the device you are viewing on, the webpage will scale to your screen giving you a faultless experience without scrolling to see the whole page.

Customer Accounts, you can create your own personalised shopping account which will allow us to reward loyalty and provide individual discounts and specially created offers, just for you.

A shipping calculator, now you can find out the shipping costs of the item(s) you want to order in advance of checking out.

Single Page Checkout, rather than the current 3 page Checkout on our site at the moment.

An Intuitive Search Facility, You can search for an item in multiple ways with Brand, Keyword, Usage and more.

The web pages have been completely revamped to provide a much cleaner and more informative display and will be more intuitive and easier overall to use and find the things you are looking for.



Above is a mock up of the homepage.

Today, we begin the mammoth task of transitioning over to the new website, this means that from today, we are locking the content of the existing website, it means no new products will be added and the only update we make from now, will be stock control. Also, this blog as it is now, is integrated into the current website which means that this will be the last blog for a while, however, you can still follow us on Twitter: @HomecareMedia and also on Facebook: /Homecare Essentials. Any announcements or notices will be posted there until the new website is up and running which we are hoping to be sometime January 2017, fingers crossed.

This is Homecare Essentials, signing off for a while.

Enjoy Some “Me” Time With Pure Spa Aromatherapy Bath Fragrances.

Whirlpool baths, Jacuzzis and Garden Hot tubs are wonderful things to have, they give you that extra dimension to a bath, they both relax and invigorate you simultaneously. One of the biggest issues with owning one is finding something suitable that you can use to make the session smell good, because of how they work, you can’t just “pop into” Boots or The Body Shop and use any old bubble bath, you need to have a low foaming or preferably no foaming compound and most of them tend to smell like you are boiling old socks.

For the longest time, Pure Spa who are specialists in Whirlpool baths and Spas, produced a specific low foaming set of fragrances that were popular and smelled really good. Unfortunately, these were discontinued by Pure Spa at the end of last year. As it turns out, it was to make way for a new and better product.


Pure Spa Aromatherapy Bath Fragrances are specially designed to be used in Whirlpool Baths, Jacuzzis, Spas and Garden Hot tubs as well as your own normal bathtub.


Available in six fabulous fragrances, the essential oils will take you to a whole other level of relaxation and invigoration. You can choose from, (just click the fragrance to go directly to the product page).

Rose: A wonderfully intense sweet floral fragrance that brings harmony and balance for mind and body.

Orchid: A sweetly seductive fragrance that is a delight to the senses and a lovely skin refresher.

Lavender: A soft, cool herbal fragrance that is renowned for its calming properties, relieving the tensions and stresses of modern life.

Jasmine: A sweetly spicy sensual fragrance that soothes and lifts the spirit, creating a feeling of positivity.

Green Tea: A coolly subtle fresh fragrance to both soothe and stimulate the senses, uplifting the spirit.

Eucalyptus: An invigorating, refreshing fragrance that clears the mind and senses, aiding concentration and helping to make breathing easier.

The Eucalyptus in particular is going to be very useful when the dreaded winter colds strike. These are really potent, you just need a capful, about 25ml and that will give you 10 applications.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Hot Tub or a Whirlpool Bath, so I am just going to have to make do with my ordinary boring bathtub but at least I have a fragrance for all moods without spending a small fortune on bubble bath. That will keep the missus happy.


Amazon In The News Again. What Price For Cheap Products?

An interesting article has surfaced on the BBC news website today regarding the online retail giant we all know and loathe love, Amazon!

The article itself is a forerunner to a TV program showing tonight on BBC1 called Inside Amazon – An Inside Out Special at 7.30pm

Amazon, it appears, are being naughty when it comes to their deliveries, in the article, found Hereit says that the delivery drivers are effectively forced to work for less than minimum wage and longer hours than is legal for a driver allowed by law. 

The drivers are expected to pay rental charges on the provided vans and are provided the basic third party only insurance with an excess that you would expect to have with an Aston Martin DBS and deliver a set number of parcels in a day. A BBC reporter went undercover as an Amazon Logistics Driver, these are the people who deliver your orders when you buy with Prime and guarantee next day delivery or Sunday deliveries, and over the course of a 2 week stint uncovered some alarming and frankly disturbing things.

He had drivers telling him that to maintain the delivery schedule they have no time for toilet breaks and had to poop in bags or pee in a bottle. A supervisor told him to not worry about wearing a seatbelt as the Police won’t stop a delivery driver and other drivers admit to breaking the speed limits to make the delivery schedules as the times allowed do not allow for traffic jams or even red lights.

As if that is not bad enough, to be an amazon driver, they require you to be officially classed as self employed which is their way of circumvent the minimum wage laws and employment right laws that entitle you to things like Holiday Pay and Statutory Sick Pay. It becomes a little clearer how they manage to keep their prices so low.

We use Amazon as a sales platform and in a few cases, compete with them directly on goods for sale, it is a matter of pride that we remain independent and we do not use Amazon to deliver our goods, we use Both Royal Mail and UK Mail whom we know do not exploit their drivers in the same way Amazon does.

Give your Washing Machine or Dishwasher a Treat this November! It deserves it


Last month, our friends over at HG Hagesan, provided us with a small discount on a product which allowed us to pass that saving to you, our faithful customers. Well, they have only gone and done it again!

For November, we are pleased to announce, there is a 15% discount on HG Hagesan Service Engineer. This really is a special and very useful product. In the long run it could save you £££’s on call out charges and repair bills.


This means a reduction from £7.56 inc VAT down to £6.42 inc VAT *shipping not included* Just add the item to the cart and on the checkout page, the discount will be automatically applied to the item. Simple. As always, click the links to go to the product directly.

HG Hagesan Service Engineer is the maintenance product to prolong the life of your dishwasher or washing machine. It ensures that filters, floaters, drainage pipes and other hard to reach parts do not become dirty. Sealing rubbers remain elastic and water resistant, preventing leakage and short circuits. Used by Professional Repairmen.

Take a look at the video below to see how it will benefit you.

This offer runs until midnight on 30th November, buy it now before it reverts back to it’s original price and ensure the dishwasher is up to the job of the Christmas dinner washing up.

Remember, remember, discounts in November,

They stop things costing a lot.

We know of no reason,

Why, in this, bargain season,

the discounts should ever stop.

Top Of The Shop – October.

Time marches on and once again it is time to take a look at our top ten best sellers from the previous month. It’s all change with an unprecedented 8 new entries.

Cue *Led Zeppelin – A whole lotta love*

Our first new entry at N°10 – Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer ready to use 1 Litre.

Also new at N°9 – Command Picture Strips Small/Med Combi Pack.

New at N°8 – Hotspot Flue Free Chimney Cleaner.

Up 1 at N°7 – Pure-Spa Whirlpool Spa Bath Sanitiser Tablets.

Another new entry at N°6Hotspot Black Stove and Grate Polish 170g.

New at N°5 – Zero In Clothes Moth Killer 300ml.

Also a new entry at N°4 – Vim Classic Scourer 750g.

Returning to our chart at N°3 – Original Bar Keepers Friend Bundle Pack.


Holding steady at N°2 – HG Hagesan Window Cleaner 500ml.


A brand new N°1 – Liberon Plastic Scrapers Pack of 2.


That’s it for another month. November will be interesting as everyone ramps up for Christmas and the Black Friday sales weekends. Will it be all change again?. Stay tuned.