It would not be surprising if you have never heard of this particular phobia, it is not vocalised often.

In recognition of the millions of silent sufferers, we are doing our bit to help you manage this affliction.

Normally you would have to place an order with us to receive the details for this treatment in the form of a voucher, but today I have permission to just tell you.

Sufferers of Novinophobia (lit.. The fear of running out of wine.) we have teamed up with a premier online Wine Merchant. Naked Wines.


Just go to or click here,

Enter the following Code: HMCR16

Enter the following Password: ASP32XYN

Followed by your email address and claim £60.00 off your first order of £99.99 or more.

Now £99.99 sounds like a lot for wine but that is for a case of 12 bottles and with the £60.00 discount that is £39.99 for 12 bottles or £3.33 each.

Novinophobia sufferers can relax now, you make sure you are always fully stocked and never have to succumb to Novinophobia again.

*Disclaimer – Novinophobia is NOT a real condition and comes from the Urban Dictionary. Please drink responsibly.*

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