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Yogi Tea Promotion

Until the end of January, the 31st to be exact. Yogi Teas have offered a promotional discount on a select range of their fantastic ayurvedic teas.

Just Click on the box of your choice to be taken to the promotional page and enjoy a generous 15% discounted box of herbal ayurvedic goodness.

Don’t delay, you only have until the clock chimes midnight on the 31st of January.

Give your Washing Machine or Dishwasher a Treat this November! It deserves it


Last month, our friends over at HG Hagesan, provided us with a small discount on a product which allowed us to pass that saving to you, our faithful customers. Well, they have only gone and done it again!

For November, we are pleased to announce, there is a 15% discount on HG Hagesan Service Engineer. This really is a special and very useful product. In the long run it could save you £££’s on call out charges and repair bills.


This means a reduction from £7.56 inc VAT down to £6.42 inc VAT *shipping not included* Just add the item to the cart and on the checkout page, the discount will be automatically applied to the item. Simple. As always, click the links to go to the product directly.

HG Hagesan Service Engineer is the maintenance product to prolong the life of your dishwasher or washing machine. It ensures that filters, floaters, drainage pipes and other hard to reach parts do not become dirty. Sealing rubbers remain elastic and water resistant, preventing leakage and short circuits. Used by Professional Repairmen.

Take a look at the video below to see how it will benefit you.

This offer runs until midnight on 30th November, buy it now before it reverts back to it’s original price and ensure the dishwasher is up to the job of the Christmas dinner washing up.

Remember, remember, discounts in November,

They stop things costing a lot.

We know of no reason,

Why, in this, bargain season,

the discounts should ever stop.

Novinophobia – We can help you cure this dreadful affliction.

It would not be surprising if you have never heard of this particular phobia, it is not vocalised often.

In recognition of the millions of silent sufferers, we are doing our bit to help you manage this affliction.

Normally you would have to place an order with us to receive the details for this treatment in the form of a voucher, but today I have permission to just tell you.

Sufferers of Novinophobia (lit.. The fear of running out of wine.) we have teamed up with a premier online Wine Merchant. Naked Wines.


Just go to www.nakedwines.com/homecare or click here,

Enter the following Code: HMCR16

Enter the following Password: ASP32XYN

Followed by your email address and claim £60.00 off your first order of £99.99 or more.

Now £99.99 sounds like a lot for wine but that is for a case of 12 bottles and with the £60.00 discount that is £39.99 for 12 bottles or £3.33 each.

Novinophobia sufferers can relax now, you make sure you are always fully stocked and never have to succumb to Novinophobia again.

*Disclaimer – Novinophobia is NOT a real condition and comes from the Urban Dictionary. Please drink responsibly.*