It’s only a few days before the Kids are home for the summer holidays, the weather is getting more like the summers we all remember when we were their age. Now is the time to bring out the old BBQ that has been winter vacationing in the shed.


For me, nothing says a lazy summer Sunday than the smell of the neighbour’s BBQ, steak, and burgers, wafting over the fence. So why not see if that old BBQ is up to the job and have an outdoor cook up this weekend, No? the old smoker a rusty, spider infested, cobweb covered mess?

Why not get a new one. We have an extensive range of BBQ’s and accessories for sale. 

And when all is said and done and you have eaten your fill of Steak and Burgers, give the BBQ a proper clean down when it is cold by using these specially made Landmann BBQ brushes and Landmann Barbecue Cleaning Wipes.

So why not set your summer off with a bang, grab yourself a BBQ, get those steaks sizzling, cold beer in hand and imagine yourself as James Martin.

You deserve it!

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