Spring is almost upon us (March 20th if you were wondering) and our thoughts turn toward warmer weather and the possibility of getting back out into the garden and enjoying that outdoor space we have been forced to gaze at through rain soaked windows, perhaps wondering if the lawnmower has survived the winter in the shed or whether you can tackle the back garden which resembles something last seen in The Black Panther movie, knowing that somewhere out there is that rather expensive decking you were so proud of, maybe under that rain filled planter with the straggly plant leaves in it and the over turned lawn chair.

We miss our outdoor spaces when we can’t use them, especially given the last few months, so now is the time to take a deep breath and venture out, tackling one job at a time will make it seem less daunting. For the outdoor decking and other outdoor wooden items like the shed or the fence, we have you covered.

Liberon have been wood care specialists for years and produce one of the best products you can buy to use on the wooden surfaces in your garden and outdoor spaces. Decking Oil.

Despite its name which is a bit of a misnomer, Decking Oil feeds, protects and enhances the natural beauty of old or new exterior timber decking. A highly water-resistant, UV-enhanced formula, it is perfect for reviving and restoring colour to weathered and greying decking, and is also suitable for use on fences, garden sheds, gates and hot tubs.

Easy to use, in fact Liberon have produced this helpful little video to demonstrate how to apply the oil.

The results will speak for themselves.

Decking Oil is available in 2.5 litre and 5 litre cans and three shades, Clear, Medium Oak and Teak.

You may have noticed the guy in the film used another product before applying the Decking Oil, he used Tough Clean Deck and Revive. An effective cleaner for old and dirty natural exterior wooden decking which has dulled and faded over time. Ideal for heavily soiled areas and to prepare decking for finishing it helps to remove black spotting caused by mould or lichen from most types of wood and helps to prevent the re-growth of fungi.

While not strictly necessary to use before applying the Decking Oil, the Tough Clean Deck and Revive will help bring back the wooden surface to where the Decking Oil will work its magic and make your decking look like it was new again.

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