For generations, the name Dettol has been synonymous with cleanliness and its ability to kill germs and viruses and keeping you healthy (on the outside at least), I remember as a small child falling over and skinning my knee and my grandma putting Dettol on the cuts and grazes to kill any chance of infection, I remember it hurt, a lot!

At the moment, we are poised on the edge of a global pandemic with the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Naturally people are worried as this virus is very infectious and very easy to spread and you may have read or seen in the various news outlets, people are once again turning to Dettol to help keep them safe, so much so that supplies of Dettol have become very hard to obtain

(I am using the word Dettol in the same way we use the word Hoover, Dettol is a brand name of many products, for the sake of clarity I am referring to Dettols disinfectant sprays when I use the word Dettol.)

The Dettol product being used the most at the moment is the Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser Spray.

Used around the home on most surfaces, it is food and child safe and will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. From High Chairs to Toilet Seats, Bins to Fridges, if it will make you ill, Dettol will kill it.

One of the reasons that this particular Dettol spray is so hard to come by at the moment is the label also claims it will kill the Human Coronavirus. Now before you click on the links above and buy enough to bathe in, some clarification is in order, Yes, it will kill the Human Coronavirus, but this is not tested yet on the current COVID-19 Virus strain, it is too new and no one has had the opportunity as yet to test against it.

While it may not yet protect you against the COVID-19 virus, it will protect you from almost everything else.

The current medical advice given by the World Health Organisation and Medical Practitioners in the UK is to wash your hands in soap and water or use an alcohol based Hand Sanitiser gel, and also to disinfect surfaces you regularly come into contact with especially if used by multiple people and for that Dettol certainly has you covered with the Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser Spray.

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