I don’t know if you have noticed yet but we have reduced the prices of hundreds of our products recently and we will continue to reduce hundreds more. We have also reduced shipping costs to give you the best price deal we can and we do this despite the constant price increases from manufacturers, courier charges and packing materials, costs we have been absorbing rather than passing along to the consumer.

As part of this process some of you have noticed some discrepancies in some of our prices especially concerning case size deals and offers. These will all be corrected as we work through our catalogue, but in the meantime if you do have any queries please call us (01733 241960). We are also happy to take phone orders.

However we are making a long overdue increase to our minimum order value to qualify for Free Delivery*. The new qualifying value is £75 (including VAT). The previous level of £60 had been in place on our site since 2009!!

Going forward we will endeavour to keep our prices as competitive as we can whilst providing a good service to our customers and a decent working environment for our staff.

Richard Crisp

Managing Director

Homecare Essentials Ltd


*to Mainland UK orders only. See our Terms and Conditions for more information

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