What I love about the Red Pouch, is that it is for my most favourite room in the house, The Kitchen. That’s where the food is. When my owner is distracted, I can sneak bits of food or I can sit and look forlorn and then they will sometimes throw me a treat, It doesn’t work all the time, my owners are clever.

The other day, I was in the Kitchen as my owner was cleaning the Human bowls after their feeding time and I heard my owner making noises at the shelf that has water in it where they clean the food bowls, the water was not going away like it normally does, so my owner went into the forbidden cupboard, i’m not allowed in the forbidden cupboard, it has nasty smelling things in there, and brought out the Red Pouch. The Red Pouch didn’t smell like food so I sat and watched.

My owner opened the Red Pouch and poured the insides in to the shelf that has water in it, this was new, not long after, the shelf that has water in it began to make a noise like Coco’s belly before she makes smell and I get shouted at. My owner was happy because all the water had gone.

My owner also has a Blue Pouch, I don’t like the Blue Pouch because my Owner uses that in the room that makes me Wet and smell funny. I don’t go in that room.

I like The Red Pouch.


Thank You Charlie For Considering Which Pouch. The Red and Blue pouches are a new product from our friends at Kilrock. Slam plughole Unblocker. The Red Pouch is designed to be used exclusively for the Kitchen. It dissolves Fat, Grease and Food, the usual things that would block up your kitchen sink.

The Blue Pouch is exclusively designed for use in the Bathroom. It dissolves Hair, Sludge and Soap Scum.

Both Kitchen and Bathroom Red and Blue Pouches are available for sale.


*Disclaimer: Charlie did not review these products. He’s a Dog. And they are colour blind.

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