It’s That time of year again, when the leaves turn, the nights pull in, temperatures plummet and the central heating gets switched on. Then it happens, Condensation on the windows because your nice, warm and cosy room heats the air inside it, which, will pull cooler air to it, this process is called Convection and the warm air will “condense” and produce water droplets when it meets a cooler surface like a window.

With all the energy saving insulation and double or triple glazing in homes now, the moisture laden air can’t escape so condensation becomes a problem as it will breed Black Mould if it is not controlled properly.

This is where we come in with the fantastic  Unibond Aero 360º Pure Moisture Control System.


How it works is simple. Just place the unit on a window sill or place close to the area where condensation forms and just wait. The top half of the unit contains a moisture absorbing “Tab” which will draw the moisture laden air to it where the water content is drawn out and captured in the lower half of the unit.

When the capture tray is full, just pour away the water. The capture tray even comes with a built in spout to make pouring easier.

One of these units will comfortably take care of a room approx 20m² (an average sized bedroom for instance).

When the Moisture Tab runs out (it works for approx 3 months per tab), you can easily get replacements in both Unscented and Lavender scented forms to give you another 3 months use.

You may have already seen the Television Advert for these systems, last year, they were almost impossible to get hold of after the TV ads began so don’t get caught out and purchase today, stock is available now.

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