Yes, I know I’m late to the party but there is still the weekend!

Masala, Korma, Biryani, Madras, Jalfrezi, Vindaloo, Mango Chutney, lime Yoghurt, Popadoms, Rice and Naan bread. Yum!


National Curry Week gives curry fans a chance to vote for the UK’s curry capital, curry pub of the year, favourite restaurant, and best signature dish.

Curry comes from the Tamil word kari, or spiced sauce, which was originally a thin, soup-like, spiced dressing served in southern India, amongst many other stew-like dressings for meat and vegetables. Europeans took it to mean any one of their thin dressings, and the Portuguese are credited with popularising it after they colonised parts of India – there is a recipe for kari in a 17th Century Portuguese cookery book.

The Portuguese discovered India, and Britain followed, but Britain is the country that actually brought spice to the whole world.

The first curry recipe in English was published by Hannah Glasse in 1747.

To Make a Currey the India Way, was a stew of chicken or rabbits, with a spoonful of rice and several spices” – the portions being the reverse of what is served today.

What had been an Indian sauce to go with rice, became an English stew with a little rice in it.

However it came to be, you can’t beat a good curry.

One problem, and this has happened to all of us, is spillage. You know the scenario, out with your mates at your favourite curry house, talking and eating at the same time and Whoops! your hand-eye coordination goes on vacation for a second and now you have curry all down your top and you just know that ain’t going to come out very easily, that sucker is Turmeric and Saffron, two ingredients that were used for clothing dyes back in the day.

But fear not, we can save your favourite shirt, we have the technology, well other people do. We sell the technology!

Firstly I give you, the master,Stain-away-no1_380

HG Stain Away NÂș1, removes Curry stains and also Ketchup, Mustard and all the usual suspects that get attracted to a pristine clean top at dinnertime.

Secondly, the new kid on the blockDr_Beckmann_Stain_Devils Dr. Beckmann’s Stain Devils, especially formulated to work on Curry and other typical fast food type stains like pizza and pasta, a good all rounder this one.



So get out there this weekend and support National Curry Week and have yourself a very tasty time to boot and don’t worry if you get Vindaloo down your shirt, we got you covered.


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