You may not realise this, we don’t just sell fabulous cleaning products at competitive prices, we also have a varied range of household goods as well, from bin liners to pest control products, we probably have what you are looking for.

With that in mind, we would like to announce that we are now stockingĀ a range of household essential items from a company called Severin.


Severin are from Germany and have been around since 1892. They started producing consumer electricals for the household in the 1950’s and haven’t stopped. They are one of the largest electrical goods manufacturers in Europe and were among the first western companies given license to manufacture and trade in China.

All their items are built in-house in a state of the art factory in Sundern Germany which enables them to produce top quality items at exceptionally low prices. They are market leaders in price to performance and given the legendary German quality and engineering, we jumped at the chance to stock their items.

Severin Range Of Products

We have a core range of items for sale at the moment, (Click the link above) this is being expanded on and new items are being added almost daily.

From butcher grade meat slicers to coffee machines to kettles to toasters to yoghurt makers and more, Severin make some of the best, small home electricals you can buy today.

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  1. Thank you for presenting the brand to us, your readers. Really helpful and informative! It is a great thing to find a household cleaning and organization brand that has a lot of experience and knowledge in creating products and items designed to make the life of any household more comfortable and easier. A reliable and trustworthy brand is what we are all looking for!

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