Washing dark clothes is always a bit of a gamble, is this the wash that your favourite coloured top begins to fade and lose its vibrancy? or do you need to revive the colour in a woolen that has seen better days but still loved?

Good laundry liquid that takes care of your dark and coloured clothes can be hard to come by and when you do find the perfect one, it can be hard to keep a regular supply. Well our friends over at Woolite have got you covered. Already the market leader for their Delicate Care liquid, they have applied their expertise to dark colours as well.

Presenting Woolite Extra Dark Protection specially formulated to prevent colour fade and even revives tired colours with its unique “colour boost” technology.


If, like a lot of us, you like wearing coloured articles of clothing (no one likes to be Mr. Grey or Mrs. Beige), you want to protect them for as long as possible, a bottle (or two, just click the link above) of Woolite Extra Dark Protection will see you dont fade to grey.

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