First, there was the “K”, it was good but the people cried out “we want more!”. The cries were heard and the “Big K” was given unto the people and it was better but still the people cried out “more, we must have more!”, again the cries were heard.

Presenting the “Kilrock Mega K

Kilrock_Mega_K_Descaler_380 Kilrock’s best just got bigger.

More than double the volume of the “Big K”, this 1 litre bottle will last ages due to the incredible efficiency of the descaling agents contained within. A little really does go a long way.

Nothing ruins a kettle or a showerhead quicker than limescale and if you live in a medium or hard water area (and 90% of us do), you really cannot afford to be without a bottle of this in your arsenal.

If your kettle looks like this when you empty all the water out. That white, hard, build up is limescale and it will kill your kettle if it is not treated. You can’t avoid it, it’s in the water that is piped into your home. A kettle is a good way of judging the hardness of your water, also your showerhead will show signs too.

Limescale-showerhead The “Mega K” will dissolve that limescale and get your kettle and shower back to full working order in minutes.

(just remember to rinse the kettle a couple of times before use, it doesn’t taste very nice in Tea).

Before purpose designed descalers like Kilrock’s “Mega K”, you were probably going to be replacing that kettle after only getting about a tenth of it’s usable life and it’s the same story with the showerhead as well. A bottle of “Mega K” is considerably less than the cost of a new kettle and showerhead and worth every penny.

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