What is the first thing most of us do when the weather turns good? We bask in the oh so rare sunshine and tend to the garden. Mow the lawn, plant the flower beds, maybe even plant a few veg. Of course we also water them too.

We have all done it, taken our Watering Can to the tap, over filled it, found it’s too heavy to carry properly and poured a pint or two of freezing cold water into our shoes as we waddle, penguin like, back to the flower bed.  Now not everyone has an outside tap to make their lives a little easier and you have to risk sloshing water all over the Kitchen floor or scratching the sink surface as you try and jam the Watering Can under the tap to fill it.

You do realise that Tap water contains all sorts of additives so that it is drinkable to us don’t you? Some of those additives are dangerous to plants, especially indoor plants. The UK is one of the wettest countries in Europe and yet we use Tap water, which you are paying actual Pennies to have piped into your home, to water your plants and vegetables. What if there was some way you could harness all that free water that just falls out of the sky 98% of the year?


A water butt!

A variable sized, barrel shaped container that sits in your garden that collects the rain, these have a couple of benefits. Firstly, the water is 100% natural, no additives or harmless chemicals (generally) that will harm your plants or make your Veg taste funny. Secondly it’s FREE!!! It doesn’t cost a penny besides the initial cost of the Butt itself and collects all that rain you have spent months complaining about.

But Wait!, I hear you shout, I can not fit a water butt where i can collect rain easily. Ah ha! we have the answer for you. A Water Butt Filler Kit, fits the downpipe from your guttering and diverts the water to your water butt instead of just washing away.

But I have a Water Butt and with all the rain we had it is full, I have just bought a second one so the first one wont overflow. Well we have you covered there too. A Connector Kit. Just link the two together and spread the flow between them.

Oh no! my water butt has gone green and has “stuff” growing in it. Dont Panic!, we have just the thing to sort that out for you too, a Specialised Water Cleaning Kit, removes Algae and unpleasant odours.

Got a broken tap on your water butt, we have replacements, a Universal Tap that fits even Sankey and Ward Water Butts.

A water butt may seem like an unnecessary thing to have, but in the time when we are fiscally challenged and everyone is belt tightening and watching every penny, using a free resource is a no brainer and it’s environmentally friendly to boot.

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