Who remembers this? windolene

I do, I remember my mum always had a bottle under the sink, looked like a really thick strawberry milkshake and had a unique smell all it’s own. For reasons lost to the mists of time, it was discontinued, the brand name still exists and is made as a clear liquid spray using a vinegar type solution, not the thick pink liquid of old.

Looking around the interweb, a great many people lament the loss of their favourite window cleaner, it was good, really good provided you didn’t let it dry on the window, then it set like paint. I remember my mum using a speedy “wax on, wax off” approach to make sure she got it all off before it dried. Now I have heard rumours whispered in dark corners that it is going to be making a return in 2016, If this is true, a great many people will be very happy.

Until that joyous day arrives, our friends at Tableau Products have just released something eerily familiar.



Tableau Window Cream 500ml. (Click the name to purchase)

If I didn’t know better, I would say it’s Windolene. It looks exactly the same, it smells exactly the same and it cleans exactly the same, if not better than the original and best of all, you can get it now.

So all you folks who have been searching in vain for bottles of the good old fashioned windolene, look no further.

13 thought on “Sparkling Clean Windows – Windolene Where Have You Gone?”
  1. so pleased tableau have made this after months of looking for windolene have just tried it and it even smells like windolene works just as well so wont be looking any further postage is a bit steep so ordered 4 at once no so bad at a £1.25 a bottle it will last me ages

  2. Great News..I recently contacted the Manufacturer of Windolene asking where I could buy it and was told that it was discontinued BUT due to a huge amount of consumers wanting this product they have now changed their mind and will be manufacturing it again in the middle of this year.

  3. the hole of my street is looking for it, i cant get it at my local store, in my eyes every body i talk to is asking for it, i would love to see it back on the shelf/s at supermarkets. it is costing me a fortune to get it of amazon for my family and friends. looking forward to see it back ///

  4. the manafacturer is reckitt benckiser, their even on facebook ive messeged them and asked for a email address as i can only find a phone number, this need to be brought back,

  5. I’ve walked my feet off searching for the original pink cream windolene in the shops. Nothing beats it. The sprays leave smears. Why stop making a product loved by so many?

  6. Felt like I won the lottery today, after not having sparkling windows in a long time as Windolene was no longer available after using it for 30years, I happened to be in savers looking at carpet cleaner sprays and a pink bottle caught my eye oh my god it was Windolene !! It’s back, so excited I bought 2 bottles and forgot about the carpet cleaner.!! Rain or shine tomorrow my windows are being cleaned properly for the first time in ages with the pink stuff.

  7. Agree with everyone – it’s the best. But does anyone know why?
    I assume it contains fine abrasive, which polishes the glass. If so, why does Cif and similar cream cleaners not work as well?
    When I worked at a butchers, we cleaned the glass windows with chalk and that was pretty good as well. Perhaps chalk is the magic ingredient in Windolene? Only slightly abrasive.

  8. I am another one who is so fed up with all the rubbish sprays, that do not do the job,was told that that lovely pink liquid had been discontinued, but went online and there it is at stupid prices, the cheapest i have found at Homebase for £2.49 plus p+p.. but that will have to be as i am not using anymore sprays, they tell us not to use sprays and then they take a liquid that we have been using for years that works , off the market no sense in that at all…..

  9. Thank you for the comments,

    Windolene had been discontinued by the manufacturer but a large enough public outcry led them to reinstate it.

  10. I remember at school we made a telescope mirror and we used rouge to polish it – my science teacher said that was the stuff that made Windolene pink. Apparently the rouge actually takes off the peaks in the fine structure of the glass – none of the vinegar type solutions can do that and so can’t do such a good job.

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