Winter is a funny season, it is both loved and reviled in equal measure. The short days and longer nights, the bad weather and the cold can make you long for the hazy days of summer.

Well I can’t speed up the clock, but I do have a solution to bring a little bit of summer early and beat the winter blues.


Acana_Fab_Fruitz_Room_Freshener_Apple Acana_Fab_Fruitz_Room_Freshener_Raspberry  Acana_Fab_Fruitz_Room_Freshener_BlueberryAcana_Fab_Fruitz_Room_Freshener_Orange

FabFruitz Room Re-Freshers. Some so called room odourisers or air fresheners, give you a scent that tries to approximate the original fruit or flower and often fails completely or sometimes have an after smell that can just catch the back of your throat in an unpleasant way, not FabFruitz, the fragrance is made from using the natural oils from the fruit itself and hand on heart is the closest and most genuine fragrance you will ever smell (short of sticking your face in bowl of the actual fruit).

The 4 current fragrances are “English Apple“, “Highland Raspberry“, “Florida Blueberry” and “Valencia Orange” (click the names to purchase)

Each of the containers holds enough of over 900 sprays, they are non-aerosol as well, no nasty gasses, just a fine mist spray of fruity goodness and it lingers too. It’s super concentrated and doesn’t fade and vanish after a few seconds like some others.

I took home a bottle of the Highland Raspberry at the weekend, it’s the other half’s favourite fruit and while she was out, I gave our living room a couple of squirts. When she came back, over an hour later, she wanted to know where the Raspberries were because she could smell them and thought I had been eating them without her having any. She was quite disappointed when I showed her and then was impressed at how real the fragrance was (she wants the Apple and the Orange fragrances too).

So while we languish in the depths of Winter, wishing Summer would just hurry up and get here, take solace and bring the fragrance of summer right now.

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