The great outdoors, love it or loathe it, we all have to venture into it at various times of the day and at this time of year, you can pretty much guarantee it will cold, wet and miserable, even more so if like me you still have to get in some final Xmas shopping.

Most of us own a waterproof jacket of some description (this is the UK after all, we are the wettest country in Europe), that has maybe seen better days and just doesn’t keep you as dry as it once used to? perhaps you have been meaning to buy a new one? well before you shell out for a new jacket, you can probably coax out more life from your old favourite.

Introducing NikWax. This is a range of cleaners and waterproofing treatments designed for both the home market and outdoor community. Whether you like to spend a few days perched high on a bleak Scottish fell or just need to wrap up against the rain to pop down the shops, NikWax has you covered.

NikWax replaces harmful chemical and solvent based waterproofing materials with a water based formula that can be used in the home washing machine.


Use NikWax Tech Wash to clean your garment first. Unlike normal household detergents, Tech Wash doesn’t break down the water repellency of the material, it just removes any dirt or stains leaving the waterproofing intact and revitalised.

For complete waterproofing, use NikWax TX. Direct on the newly Tech Washed garment. It doesn’t need to dry before hand either, just run another cycle using the TX Direct instead. Allow to dry and your garment’s waterproofing has just been renewed like new.

NikWax don’t just cover synthetic materials, they have a range of leather protectors as well so you can now treat your motorcycle leathers, leather boots, walking boots and sports boots too.


As you can see from the above diagram, NikWax cover you for footwear, outdoor gear and camping equipment, so buy today and prepare for spring.

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