Until now, sealing your natural stone was, let’s face it, a palarva, a faff, a lot of mucking about, a right royal pain in the !!naughty word deleted!!- Admin.

It usually involved lots of liquids, time, effort, swearing at the dog for walking across the still wet floor, effort and did I mention time?

Well, those boffins over the pond at Granite Gold have finally found a solution, much to the relief of natural stone owners and dog lovers everywhere. Literally just off the boat, it is my pleasure to introduce to you… drumroll please……

Granite Gold Sealer Wipes.

For the first time, you can dispense with the liquids, now you can seal your stone with a wipe, the re-sealable pack comes with 6 pre-moistened sealer wipes, all you do is literally wipe and buff dry with a lint free or microfibre cloth.

Clean the surface first, it is recommended to use Granite Gold Daily Cleaner, take a wipe and use immediately, Do Not let it dry on the surface of the stone, buff dry. Job done

If you need to repeat the process, wait 20 minutes between applications. Thats it, no waiting for it to dry before you can use it, just make sure you give it 24 hours before applying any polish or cleaners to let the protective surface cure.

The best thing is, they are not just for floors, got a natural stone worktop in the kitchen, no problem, they are food safe and non toxic, they are pH balanced and non acidic so they wont damage your skin, biodegradable and completely phosphate and ammonia free, so no funny chemical smells.

Every now and again, a product comes along that really does change the way we do things and this is one of them.

Get your pack of 6 wipes for the price of £6.95

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