This does not happen often, HG Hagesan are a company who strongly believe in the old addage “if it ain’t broke etc” and so do not often produce new products. A couple of weeks back, however, we had a surprise package from them with a whole load of new products for your delight and delectation.

Without further ado, here they are.

First up we have

HG Hagesan Ironing Spray 500ml

This half litre of magic has been produced to make ironing a breeze. It ensures that even the crinkliest fabrics, such as cotton, silk, linen and viscose can be ironed smoother than ever before.
The product has a fresh fragrance and makes it possible to iron at a lower temperature, which means the fabric lasts longer.
The electricity consumption of the iron reduces too and the base stays cleaner much longer.

Next we have,

HG Hagesan Screen Cleaner Spray 125ml

HG screen cleaner cleans Plasma, TFT, LED and LCD screens safely and without leaving any streaks at all.

Next up is,

HG Hagesan Drain Odour Remover Granules 500g

HG drain odour remover makes sure a smelly kitchen or bathroom drain smells fresh again.
The kitchen or bathroom drain may start to smell because of dirt deposits on the walls.
This product thoroughly removes the deposits that cause this odour and the drains smell fresh again.

Next is,

HG Hagesan Detergent Additive Against Unpleasant Odours in Sports Clothing 500g

Unpleasant odours in sports clothing, caused by perspiring whilst playing sports or because the clothing stayed too long in the sports bag, in the laundry basket or stayed wet in the washing machine, will not be removed properly with just the main detergent.
These unpleasant odours become noticeable as soon as the washed clothing is ironed or worn.
This product removes those unpleasant odours and is therefore ideal for thoroughly removing any odours from towels, for example, that no longer smell fresh despite having been washed.

Also new is,

HG Hagesan Perspiration and Deodorant Stain Remover Spray 250ml

Perspiration and deodorant can cause persistent yellow stains in fabrics.
These stains cannot be removed with ordinary detergents or stain removers.
HG perspiration and deodorant stain remover is THE effective pre-treatment for removing such stains and is suitable for white and coloured fabrics.
Using this product before every wash also prevents these types of stains.

Next up,

HG Hagesan For Smelly Dishwashers Powder 500g

Dishwashers do not always smell terribly fresh and at times they simply stink.
This is caused by grease, food and soap deposits in the drains, on the filters and on the rubber seals.
HG for smelly dishwashers removes those deposits effectively and produces a dishwasher that smells wonderfully fresh again for a long period of time.
Using this product also improves hygiene and produces cleaner dishes.
Because of its unique formula this product can be used in a full or an empty dishwasher.

Also in,

HG Hagesan Mattress Freshener Spray 500ml

HG mattress freshener is for regular and convenient freshening up of a mattress.
Over time mattresses can start to smell less fresh due to night-time perspiration, but particularly due to heavy perspiration during flu, urine loss or vomit.
This organic product based on enzymes and microbes does not mask odours but removes them effectively.

Along with,

HG Hagesan Barbecue Cleaner Spray 500ml

Removes caked-on and burnt-in grease from gas and solid fuel barbecues.
The effect of HG barbecue cleaner is enhanced by heating the surfaces that require cleaning to a lukewarm temperature.


HG Hagesan Laminate Cleaner 1 Litre Product 72

HG laminate cleaner (product 72) is a wonderfully fresh-scented and concentrated mopping cleaner for all types of laminate flooring.
This mopping cleaner is for safe, thorough and streak-free cleaning without building up shine.
1 litre is sufficient for 20 washes.

Here too is,

HG Hagesan Vacuum Cleaner Air Freshener Crystals 180g

HG vacuum cleaner air freshener removes smells from the vacuum cleaner and ensures that the vacuum cleaner produces fresh air. The product is suitable for all types of vacuum cleaners with a bag or dust container. Vacuum cleaners may start to smell, because the dirt may stay in the bag or the container for a long time during normal use. During vacuuming, the air flows past the sucked up dirt and therefore the musty, acrid smell comes out via the vacuum cleaner’s air exhaust. Pet hairs in particular are a source of this smell, even when you empty the dust container or change the bag regularly.

Also new,

HG Hagesan Suntan Lotion Stain Remover Spray 250ml

Suntan lotion or oil may cause yellow stains in fabrics.
These stains cannot be removed with ordinary detergent or stain remover.
HG suntan lotion stain remover is THE effective pre-treatment for removing such stains and is suitable for white and coloured fabrics.

And finally,

HG Hagesan Oven and Grill Revamp Kit 600ml

The HG oven & grill revamp kit is a complete kit that will make your oven, grill, baking trays, barbecue grills and planchas look like new.

More new products than you can shake a stick at, probably means you won’t see anymore for a year or more but for now a lot to be going on with.

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