Every once in a while, if the stars align and the wind blows from the right direction, miracles can happen.

Windolene was an essential item in many many households for years and when it was discontinued, it left a huge hole that current window cleaners were unable to fill. Some companies tried a similar formula with varying degrees of success, Tableau managed to get the closest with their Pink Window Cream even replicating the smell of the original Windolene.

Over at Reckitt Benckiser, the company that made Windolene originally, someone was actually listening to the public, they realised that there was still a huge demand for Windolene, so they decided to reactivate the old formula and re-introduce the product to the market.

And it is here! after months and months of quiet speculation and rumour, Windolene, the original, non smear, pink cream is finally available to buy once more and we have it in stock right now.

Available as a single bottle or as a pack of 3 or if you feel the need to really stock up, a case of 6. Please click HERE to be taken directly to the product page and bring back an old favourite to your kitchen cupboard today.


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