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No more Frosty Fingers! HG Windscreen De-icer.

Anyone else get that sinking feeling when you step outside and discover there is a layer of frost on the car? it always happens when you are running late and now you have to go digging for that can of de-icer that sits in the cupboard under the sink since last winter that will invariably be almost empty or completely inaccessable in a hurry. Now you have to go searching in the glovebox or the boot to find that ice scraper or risk breaking a credit card scraping away to clear the screen enough to see where you are going, all the while getting your fingers and hands frozen.

However, keep a bottle of HG Car Windscreen De-icer handy and you won’t have frozen fingers ever again.

The handy trigger pump means no more frozen hands unlike a more traditional aerosol also it means there is no propellent in the can punching holes in the Ozone layer and adding to global warming, simply spray and leave for a minute and your windscreen will be clear, it also prevents re-freezing and keeps the glass clear.

I use this myself and always keep a bottle in the boot of the car, it really is that good.

“Ahhhh but I have a heated windscreen so why would i need to de-ice with a spray?” l do too, I drive a Ford, but let me tell you, it is quicker to use this HG Car Windscreen De-icer than it is to wait for the heating elements to warm up enough to start to clear the ice from the windscreen, minutes quicker!

“I don’t need to buy this, I will just go out a few minutes earlier and start the car running, the windscreen will be clear and the car will be nice and warm inside!”

Yes it will, but, leaving your car unattended with the engine running is not only dangerous, it is a massively tempting target for a thief and also, as a lot of the newspapers have reported recently, Illegal! yes! it contravenes Section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and you can be slapped with a minimum £40 on the spot fine and HG Car Windscreen De-icer is an awful lot less than £40.

How to clean a patio? 5 ways of cleaning a concrete patio

Cleaning patio tiles can feel like a major job. Fortunately one that can be done in no time. With these 5 ways your patio tiles will be shining in no time. And you enjoy a clean patio.

The cause of dirty patio tiles

As soon as the sun comes out, it is wonderful to sit in the garden. After a period of time, your patio tiles may be dirty and look dull. This is caused by dirt in the air, where soot and fine dust adhere to the tiles. The major causes are traffic on busy roads and industry. The deposits on your patio are difficult to prevent, but easy to solve. Would you like to enjoy the sun on a sparkling patio? Patio cleaning and sealing is a good job for the spring.

4 DIY ways of cleaning patio concrete

How to clean a patio

HG patio cleaner is the solution for cleaning (concrete) patio tiles effectively. On the internet, various tips are shared for cleaning your patio without a pressure washer. HG selected a random number of tips you can use to get going. Consider using the following patio cleaning  tools: a brush, soft household soap or sand. This is how to go about it:

1. Brush the dirt from your patio
Clean the patio tiles with a grout scraper, water and a tough, stiff brush. First clean the grout between the tiles with the scraper. Then take a bucket of warm water, throw it over the patio and scrub the garden tiles. Your patio is clean again. Remember that this is a tough job if you don’t use other tools or products.

2. Use soft household soap to clean dirty patio tiles
Add soft household soap for this second method of cleaning your patio. This is how you do it:

  • Fill a bucket with water and soft household soap. The number of litres of water is the same as the number of tablespoons of soft household soap.
  • Throw the mixture on your patio tiles and scrub with a stiff brush.
  • Leave to work for 30 minutes and rinse with clean water.

If it doesn’t work immediately, leave the soapy water to absorb overnight. Be careful: the tiles can become slippery with the soap.

3. Spray the patio clean with a high-pressure cleaner
Use a high-pressure jet cleaner to clean your patio tiles effortlessly. Work from left to right and from the top to the bottom. NB: depending on the type of tiles, the pressure of the high-pressure jet cleaner may damage your patio. Consider this before treating your patio tiles with a high-pressure jet cleaner.

4. Scrubbing with sand
Sand works like a natural sander. Spread sand over the tiles and throw some soapy water on top. Scrub your patio with a broom and scrub off the dirt. Sweep up the remaining sand and throw it away. If you don’t like a sandy patio, this method is not for you.

Remember your garden

Not all patio cleaning solutions are good for your garden. Avoid salt and vinegar. These products are absorbed by the soil and in high concentrations they affect the soil, your flowers and plants. This is a shame, because there are plenty of garden-friendly ways to clean your patio tiles.

HG patio cleaner: the effective aid for cleaning your patio

best way to clean a patio

You’re looking for an immediate result? HG patio cleaner is the simplest way of cleaning your patio without a pressure washer. HG patio cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner that has been developed specifically for cleaning patio tiles. HG patio cleaner cleans dull, grey gravel tiles and concrete tiles. After treatment with HG patio cleaner, patio tiles look like new again.

Complete the following steps and clean your dull gravel and concrete tiles with this HG patio cleaner:

  1. Wet the tiles first, do not forget the grout and wipe up any puddles.
  2. Mix HG patio cleaner with 4L of water in a container that fits a stiff broom, in a washing-up bucket for example.
  3. Submerge the broom in the bucket and apply the patio cleaner whilst scrubbing. Leave it to work for a few minutes.
  4. Then scrub again and rinse the tiles with plenty of water before the liquid dries out.

original article can be found here, credit HG

New Products Galore

Been a while since we have done one of these posts, Mostly new products arrive one at a time and spread out over the course of a few months, so it is unusual to get three all at once.

First up, while not a new product per se, Wykamol Thermal Dry No More Damp Anti Condensation Paint has been around for a while now, a new sized tub has been produced, already available as a 5 litre tub, Wykamol have reasoned that not everyone needs 5 litres for say a small area or small room and 5 litres would be a waste.

Now produced in a more handy sized 2.5 litre container, means less waste which is always good.

Next up is a brand new product from Liberon. Produced under their V33 brand Multi-Surface Renovation Paint is a game changer. Unlike normal household emulsion paints that are suitable for only certain types of surface, the Renovation paint can be used on multiple surfaces like woodwork, floors, ceilings, wallpaper, radiators, plaster etc. No more needing 3 or 4 different types of paint for the various surfaces, the Renovation paint has an integrated undercoat and revolutionary high adhesion polymers that means no run or spatter even with a roller on the ceiling. It really does take just one coat.

Lastly we have a new product from HG, which, in itself is a newsworthy event, adding to their already extensive drain unblocker range, HG Gel unblocker is for almost all types of drains, the gel like liquid sinks through any standing water in the pipes to get directly to the point of the blockage and eats its way through, in contrast to granule-based unblockers, the product cannot worsen the blockage and has no effect on plastic drains. Ready to use, the gel will not splash and is effective in 30 minutes and does not require a hot water flush afterwards.

One less stain to worry about.

Well, summer has well and truly arrived if the recent thermometer readings are anything to go by and the kids have broken up for their summer holidays.

Peoples thoughts turn toward that well earned rest by the beach for a few days, cocktails and suntans, palm trees and sea breezes and factor 50 sun cream because after all we are not a nation known for its sunshine and mean temperatures and if you are anything like me, puts a freshly cooked lobster to shame in skin colour after a couple of hours in the sun.

While the bottle of sunscreen is great for protecting your skin whilst out in the sun and even stays on your skin when you go to the pool so you don’t leave that rainbow coloured slick in your wake as you swim, it unfortunately is not so good for your clothes if you don’t get it all off before putting on your best Hawaiian cocktail shirt and hitting the Taverna or the hotel bar for a glass of vino or a pint.

Once that sun oil impregnates the fibers of your favorite top or shorts, it will leave an ugly yellowish stain (unless your shirt is an ugly yellowish shirt, in which case you’re good to go.) that is all but impossible to remove with normal detergents and stain removers.

Well fear not, those wizards over at HG have developed the answer to the prayers of all holiday tops everywhere.

HG Suntan Lotion Stain Remover is THE effective pre-treatment for removing such stains and is suitable for white and coloured fabrics.

When you get sun tan lotion stains on your clothes and can’t shift them, no matter how often you wash it, most people give up and just bin the article of clothing and go an buy another to replace it, well now you don’t need to.

Moisten the stains with warm water and then spray a liberal amount of liquid onto the stains from a distance of maximum 5 cm.
Leave the product to absorb at least 1 hour without drying out.
During the absorbing time, put the fabric in a clean plastic bucket and avoid contact with other materials/surfaces.

Put the treated fabric in the washing machine and wash it as usual with the recommended amount of main detergent at max 60°C.
Always comply with the care label.

After washing do not tumble-dry the treated garment, but hang it on the washing line.

Repeat the treatment if necessary.

One of the great sadness’s of finishing a holiday is when you get back home and unpack the case, now you don’t have to throw away that lotion stained top you were wearing that night in the Taverna when the waiter slipped on that cucumber slice you knocked on the floor from your Mojito glass and dumped the tray of Strawberry Daiquiri into the lap of the loudmouth that had been rude and annoying all night to the waiting staff, because memories like that are too precious to forget.

it’s hanging in the wardrobe. Thanks HG.

New Products From HG

This does not happen often, HG Hagesan are a company who strongly believe in the old addage “if it ain’t broke etc” and so do not often produce new products. A couple of weeks back, however, we had a surprise package from them with a whole load of new products for your delight and delectation.

Without further ado, here they are.

First up we have

HG Hagesan Ironing Spray 500ml

This half litre of magic has been produced to make ironing a breeze. It ensures that even the crinkliest fabrics, such as cotton, silk, linen and viscose can be ironed smoother than ever before.
The product has a fresh fragrance and makes it possible to iron at a lower temperature, which means the fabric lasts longer.
The electricity consumption of the iron reduces too and the base stays cleaner much longer.

Next we have,

HG Hagesan Screen Cleaner Spray 125ml

HG screen cleaner cleans Plasma, TFT, LED and LCD screens safely and without leaving any streaks at all.

Next up is,

HG Hagesan Drain Odour Remover Granules 500g

HG drain odour remover makes sure a smelly kitchen or bathroom drain smells fresh again.
The kitchen or bathroom drain may start to smell because of dirt deposits on the walls.
This product thoroughly removes the deposits that cause this odour and the drains smell fresh again.

Next is,

HG Hagesan Detergent Additive Against Unpleasant Odours in Sports Clothing 500g

Unpleasant odours in sports clothing, caused by perspiring whilst playing sports or because the clothing stayed too long in the sports bag, in the laundry basket or stayed wet in the washing machine, will not be removed properly with just the main detergent.
These unpleasant odours become noticeable as soon as the washed clothing is ironed or worn.
This product removes those unpleasant odours and is therefore ideal for thoroughly removing any odours from towels, for example, that no longer smell fresh despite having been washed.

Also new is,

HG Hagesan Perspiration and Deodorant Stain Remover Spray 250ml

Perspiration and deodorant can cause persistent yellow stains in fabrics.
These stains cannot be removed with ordinary detergents or stain removers.
HG perspiration and deodorant stain remover is THE effective pre-treatment for removing such stains and is suitable for white and coloured fabrics.
Using this product before every wash also prevents these types of stains.

Next up,

HG Hagesan For Smelly Dishwashers Powder 500g

Dishwashers do not always smell terribly fresh and at times they simply stink.
This is caused by grease, food and soap deposits in the drains, on the filters and on the rubber seals.
HG for smelly dishwashers removes those deposits effectively and produces a dishwasher that smells wonderfully fresh again for a long period of time.
Using this product also improves hygiene and produces cleaner dishes.
Because of its unique formula this product can be used in a full or an empty dishwasher.

Also in,

HG Hagesan Mattress Freshener Spray 500ml

HG mattress freshener is for regular and convenient freshening up of a mattress.
Over time mattresses can start to smell less fresh due to night-time perspiration, but particularly due to heavy perspiration during flu, urine loss or vomit.
This organic product based on enzymes and microbes does not mask odours but removes them effectively.

Along with,

HG Hagesan Barbecue Cleaner Spray 500ml

Removes caked-on and burnt-in grease from gas and solid fuel barbecues.
The effect of HG barbecue cleaner is enhanced by heating the surfaces that require cleaning to a lukewarm temperature.


HG Hagesan Laminate Cleaner 1 Litre Product 72

HG laminate cleaner (product 72) is a wonderfully fresh-scented and concentrated mopping cleaner for all types of laminate flooring.
This mopping cleaner is for safe, thorough and streak-free cleaning without building up shine.
1 litre is sufficient for 20 washes.

Here too is,

HG Hagesan Vacuum Cleaner Air Freshener Crystals 180g

HG vacuum cleaner air freshener removes smells from the vacuum cleaner and ensures that the vacuum cleaner produces fresh air. The product is suitable for all types of vacuum cleaners with a bag or dust container. Vacuum cleaners may start to smell, because the dirt may stay in the bag or the container for a long time during normal use. During vacuuming, the air flows past the sucked up dirt and therefore the musty, acrid smell comes out via the vacuum cleaner’s air exhaust. Pet hairs in particular are a source of this smell, even when you empty the dust container or change the bag regularly.

Also new,

HG Hagesan Suntan Lotion Stain Remover Spray 250ml

Suntan lotion or oil may cause yellow stains in fabrics.
These stains cannot be removed with ordinary detergent or stain remover.
HG suntan lotion stain remover is THE effective pre-treatment for removing such stains and is suitable for white and coloured fabrics.

And finally,

HG Hagesan Oven and Grill Revamp Kit 600ml

The HG oven & grill revamp kit is a complete kit that will make your oven, grill, baking trays, barbecue grills and planchas look like new.

More new products than you can shake a stick at, probably means you won’t see anymore for a year or more but for now a lot to be going on with.

The Official Caravan Club recommends HG 4 in 1 Leather

The Official Caravan Club Magazine did a extensive review on leather cleaners and gave the HG 4 in 1 Leather Cleaner a recommendation for anyone wanting a great leather cleaner with stain resistant finish.




HG Hagesan 4 in 1 for LeatherHG_4_In_1_For_Leather

“Designed to treat lighter soils (HG also offers a product suitable for deeper cleaning), this cleans, nourishes, softens and prevents the leather from drying out. After application, it leaves a non-sticky, invisible layer that is not only perspiration resistant but allows ballpoint pen and other similar marks to be easily removed.”


“If you are after an all-encompassing product, then this is a great choice. To keep leather in the best condition possible, it is recommended that you treat it with this product every two or three months.”

Size: 250ml

Available From http://www.homecareessentials.co.uk/

(Review from Caravan Club Magazine)

Introducing our NEW Fridge Care Kit with FREE HG Hygienic Fridge Cleaner

The Fridge Care Kit is a collection of our best Fridge/Freezer products at Homecare Essentials in one amazing bundle at discounted price!







What do you get in this kit?


HG Hagesan Freezer De-Icer:HG_Freezer_De-Icer When the deep freezer or the freezer compartment ices up, it becomes smaller and the energy consumption goes up significantly. Thanks to HG Freezer De-Icer, this ice can be removed simply and quickly, without the frozen food having time to defrost.





3362290037355Croc Odor Fridge Power is developed to help neutralise and absorb odours in your fridge.

Croc’odor Fridge Power protects the taste of food within the fridge. Croc’Odor Fridge Power is completely neutral, fragrance free and safe in a food environment.






HG Hagesan Hygienic Fridge Cleaner is a fresh quick-drying spray cleaner that cleans your fridge quickly and hygienically without streaks.

HG Hygienic Fridge Cleaner is a unique product, it is also suitable for cleaning the outside of your fridge.

500 ml 




Click here to view


Get a FREE pair of General Purpose Ladies Gloves when you buy HG Oven, Grill and Barbecue Cleaner or HG Window Cleaner

Get your FREE General Purpose Ladies Gloves when you buy HG Window cleaner or Oven, Grill and Barbecue Cleaner at Homecare Essentials

Window_cleaner_free_gloves_380Window Cleaner with FREE Ladies Gloves

HG Hagesan Window Cleaner is a super-concentrated product which cleans and degreases without streaks, but which does not contain ammonia or spirits. No wonder HG Window Cleaner is used by professional window cleaners. 

HG Streakless Window Cleaner exceeds all professional requirements, because the HG Window Cleaner is pH neutral, so that it will not harm paint, varnish or plastics and is also very gentle for your skin. 

HG Window Cleaner is very economical to use, because one 500 ml bottle is sufficient for at least 35 window washes.

PLEASE NOTE: The new packaging of this product indicates that it is for Interior UseThis is just a classification that HG useThis product can be used on Interior and Exterior of Windows.



BBQ_and_gloves_offer_380Oven, Grill and Barbecue Cleaner with FREE Ladies Gloves

HG Hagesan Oven, Grill and Barbecue Cleaner removes dried and even baked on grease quickly and effectively. HG Oven, Grill and Barbecue Cleaner can be used on ovens, grills and barbecues.




Both HG items come with a FREE pair of Ladies Gloves

These Ladies Gloves are great for general purpose cleaning, keeps your hands clean and untouched by any harmful products.

One Size
One per order
Colour: Pink

FREE HG Insect Remover when you spend £20 or over on HG Products at Homecare Essentials

Starting today until Friday 6th June we are giving away a FREE HG Car Insect Remover when you spend £20 or over on HG Products at Homecare Essentials.


Click here to see our range of HG products

HG Hagesan Insect Remover

HG_Car_Insect_Remover_thmbInsect remnants caked onto your bonnet, bumper, lights and windscreen are not or only barely removed by normal washing or in the car wash. Extra hard rubbing with a sponge or brush may result in the car paint being damaged.

This problem is solved quickly and effectively with HG Insect Remover. This unique product softens the caked-on, dried-out insects, which makes them very easy to remove. Safe for all of your car’s bodywork.

HG Insect Remover is also suitable for motorcycles, mopeds and helmets.


1 Bottle per Order 

Whilst stock lasts


NEW OFFERS – Get FREE products when you buy any selected HG items on Homecare Essentials website

Homecare Essentials are now offering FREE products with selected HG items at www.homecareessentials.co.uk. – See below for direct links

Offers now available with the following HG products – Best hurry limited time offers.

HG_patio_cleaner_offer_scrub_105HG Patio Cleaning Kit

 Contains: HG Hagesan Patio Cleaner, HG Hagesan Algae and Mould Remover, Deck Scrubber and FREE Leather Gloves. 

YOU SAVE over £2.00 on the Individual Prices.


HG Hagesan Patio Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner that has been specially designed for the cleaning of dirty and stained concrete, slabs and paving stones. HG Patio Cleaner can also be used on coloured paving slabs.

HG Hagesan Algae and Mould Remover removes the familiar mould, algae, lichen or moss from external surfaces such as patios, paths, walls, tiles, fences, decking, boats, caravans and terracotta pots, etc.

Deck Scrubber: Scrubbing paths, drives and patios can be a back-breaking task. Our long-handled Deck Scrubber provides the solution.

FREE Leather Gardening Gloves a must for any keen gardener and ideal for planting flowers or any general gardening. 


HGoffer_UPVC_thumb2 x HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner with FREE Insect Remover

Pack of 2 x HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner, a very special, extremely powerful cleaner, especially developed to thoroughly clean all kinds of synthetic frames, windows, doors, etc., without attacking the materials.

Comes with FREE HG Insect Remover Spray worth £4.59. The problem of difficult to shift dead insects on the front of your car, van or truck is easily resolved with this unique product. Safe for all of your cars bodywork as well as motorcycles and helmets. Just what you will need this summer. 500ml


2 x Powerful Garden Furniture Cleaner with FREE Insect RemoverHG_powerful_garden_cleaner_free_insect_remover_105

Pack of 2 x HG Powerful Garden Furniture Cleaning Spray, a powerful cleaner to quickly and easily remove stubborn dirt from plastic garden furniture. HG Powerful Garden Furniture Cleaning Spray works equally well on Epoxy coated, galvanised and aluminium garden furniture.

Comes with FREE HG Insect Remover Spray worth £4.59. The problem of difficult to shift dead insects on the front of your car, van or truck is easily resolved with this unique product. Safe for all of your cars bodywork as well as motorcycles and helmets. Just what you will need this summer. 500ml


HG_Algae_And_Mould_glove_offer_105HG Hagesan Algae and Mould Remover with FREE Leather Gloves 

HG Hagesan Algae and Mould Remover removes the familiar mould, algae, lichen or moss from external surfaces such as patios, paths, walls, tiles, fences, decking, boats, caravans and terracotta pots, etc. After application of HG Algae and Mould Remover the area will be clean within 36 hours.

FREE Leather Gardening Gloves a must for any keen gardener and ideal for planting flowers or any general gardening.