Way back in the mists of time, when men were real men and women were extremely busy and under appreciated, A small family owned company in America that produced cleaning products for the home and business, had an idea that was decades ahead of it’s time and completely against current thinking of the time.

They were environmentally conscious and recognised the dangers the harsh chemical cleaning products that were being used daily by the millions of housewives was going to have on the environment and the health of future generations and took the unprecedented step, at the time, to do something about it.

And so was born, Earth Friendly Products.


They realised that the best cleaning agents are natural, not chemical and more importantly, natural ingredients won’t have any environmental impact when used and disposed of.

It took a while, well a couple of decades actually to get the research done and tested and in the late 60’s the first products were released to the world. Only cleaners that were plant based, only paper products that were recycled and none of their products were animal tested either and 40 something years down the road, they are still going strong.

At Homecare Essentials, we are happy to do our bit for the environment and are proud to be a stockist of the range of Earth Friendly Cleaning Products.

From Laundry Detergent to Odour Removers, there is something for every home in the range.

Do your bit for the environment too and check out the range by clicking Earth Friendly Products.

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