As the mercury heads south for the winter, and the days get decidedly shorter, most of us start thinking about switching on the central heating for the first time in months. As those colder outer walls start to heat up, it becomes a prime breeding ground for mould.

Humidity and ambient moisture are food and drink for mould clusters and if you can actually see the mould tucked away in the corners of the room, then chances are there is a much larger colony hiding behind your wallpaper. Does the room have a (musty) smell, do you find your eyes water or itch and your nose starts to get runny when in the room? if you answer yes then it’s a very good chance you have mould.

Well don’t despair, with a little bit of effort and not a lot of cost, it is a problem you can easily tackle at home without calling in a professional.

Wykamol No More Mould Eradication Kit, contains all you need to rid yourself of mould but more importantly, stop it from regrowing.

The kit contains a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from splashes and a pair of disposable gloves to protect your hands, a sponge to wipe away the mould after using the MCS1 (Mould Clear Spray) to treat the surface of the affected areas. This ready to use mould treatment spray is fast acting, will protect your decorative finishes and does not stain the treated areas and comes in a handy 1 litre trigger spray bottle.

To stop the mould from regrowing again, Wykamol have included 2 bottles of MCS3 (Mould Clear Solution) paint additive. Dedicated paint that contains anti-mould properties can be costly but 1 bottle of the MCS3 paint additive will give anti-mould properties to up to 5 litres of ordinary emulsion paint in any colour. That means once you have treated the mould, you can paint over it with your favourite colour paint and can rest easy that the mould will not be coming back anytime soon.

To buy these items separately will cost you approx £35.00, the Wykamol Mould Eradication Kit is almost half that cost at £20.95 (Postage not included).

If do find signs of mould in your home, don’t despair, it is not a sign your home is dirty or neglected, mould will grow anywhere you have high humidity and or water vapour, that is why it is most common in bathrooms and kitchens and can be almost invisible until the clusters get big enough by which time your health is under threat.

So next time you notice a smudge in the corner of the bathroom ceiling or get an unexpected sneeze on entering a room, it might just be mould lurking, ready to pounce.

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