Packing Tape, the bane of our existence but also a vital resource we need to send out each and every order, after all without it, you would get an empty cardboard box.

Until recently, everyone in our packing room used a tape gun, which was fine but led to a couple of problems, firstly there was the matter of wrist strain after protracted and repetitive use and secondly there was the matter of the sheer number of rolls of tape we got through in a week. Also the tape lengths were inconsistent as each person was judging the length of tape required to seal each box by eye.

Enter the Better Pack 555e, an electronic tape machine that has revolutionized our packing department. As shown in the Video below, the Better Pack 555e, can deliver exact lengths of tape at the push of it’s colour coded buttons, so no more wasted tape. Designed to work with any sized box, the tape it dispenses has cotton thread embedded within it to enhance the strength of the tape itself making it un-tearable and the glue is a water based polymer that stays tacky to allow placement but dries in a few seconds to form an extremely tight bond with the cardboard. Much stronger than ordinary brown packing tape.

Have a look at the video below and see the machine in action with George, our Jack of All Trades.

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