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It’s not often that the UK gets the warmest on record for anything but apparently it was the “warmest winter on record” since the 17th century and this has given rise to an almost biblical plague of Moth attacks up and down the country.

Innocent garments are being viciously attacked and eaten in wardrobes everywhere.

Mrs Ethel Bracegirdle of Upper Mullet, North Yorks described hearing a noise from her back room wardrobe and on investigation found what she describes as a scene from the walking dead.

“it wer awful” she says “Nowt wer left but bits ‘anging on’t ‘angers. Nor even me father’s flat cap wer saved.”

News from NÂș10, the Prime Minister has authorised the early release of the UK’s anti-moth deterrents.

“We have been preparing for this for a while now” the Prime Minister exclaimed when questioned earlier “And I am pleased to announce the anti-moth deterrents are ready and are being released to the public as we speak.”

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In all seriousness, this is the time of year when moth larvae hatch and it is they who eat the natural fibres found in your clothes. Read the original article linked at the top of the page and follow the advice regarding vacuuming your carpets and bedding etc. a few minutes work now, will save you a few quid down the road and a few strategically placed anti-moth products found in the link above (and HERE) will prevent any holy underwear.

You wouldn’t want to see this…


happen to your favourite jumper now would you.

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