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40%!! We Must Be Crazy!!!

Yes! you have read that correctly.

For the next few weeks, in partnership with Tri-Bio we are bringing you an unprecedented sale offer. Each Tri-Bio product is reduced by 40%, yes 40%.

We couldn’t believe it either, that’s nearly half price, personally I think it’s the MD’s new tablets he’s been taking, he never gives discounts, he starts to sweat at the mere mention of the “D” word.

So before his medication wears off, grab a few of these quick because it is unlikely to be repeated anytime soon and the sale could end at anytime.

The discount is already operational so the price you see on the product page is the sale price so you can see your savings on each product, upfront, click HERE to start saving.
Did I mention it’s a 40% discount, I know, Crazy!!

Tri-Bio Back In Stock

After travelling to us via the USA and Latvia, we are pleased to announce stocks of the fantastic Tri-Bio range of products are now back on the shelves and ready to purchase.

For those of you have not come across Tri-Bio before, let me fill you in.


TRI-BIO offers the widest-range of new generation environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic eco cleaning products for the household and professional markets. They are free of harsh dangerous chemicals, and are as effective as famous professional cleaners are. TRI-BIO price themselves to be affordable to average-income consumers.


The demand for hypoallergenic cleaning products is constantly growing! Worldwide, one or more common allergens found only among school Children is currently approaching 40%-50%.

The UK and USA are two of the top three countries in the world for the highest incident of allergy related problems in children. TRI-BIO products are perfume and fragrance free, colourant free, and all other known allergenic substances free. Certified and recommended by Asthma and Allergy Association of LR, specially formulated for people with sensitive skin and those suffering from allergies and asthma.

OUR MISSION: To provide an ecological alternative to harsh chemical cleaners, made of the highest quality, with the same cleaning power and price levels.

OUR GOAL: To inspire consumers, that are not eco oriented, to use environmentally friendly, ecological cleaning products. To show our customers that ecological cleaners can clean as well without costing more.

I know what some of you are thinking after reading that, it’s all marketing and they will never be as good as my…… because it doesn’t have ……. well let me tell you, since we started selling them over a year ago, we struggle to keep up with the demand for these. As more and more people become aware of the need to go “Eco” and are moving away from the traditional chemical based cleaning products and embracing eco and natural based cleaners, the added bonus of which they do not exacerbate Asthma nor do they irritate yours or your infants sensitive skin, the demand for these products is only going to increase.

To check out the range of Tri-Bio products, Click the picture.

Now Stocking The Complete Range. Tri-Bio

A few weeks ago, we announced a new range of products from an American company Tri-Bio. After a successful trial, we have added the remainder of their products to our catalogue.


Click on the image above and have a look at their awesome range of natural and probiotic home cleaning products. TRI-BIO cleaners are recommended for people with sensitive skin, and those suffering from allergies and asthma.
They are safe to use without gloves and safe to use on all surfaces.

A UK First! – Introducing Tri-Bio

Up until now, Tri-Bio was a name not known outside the USA. The company has developed a revolutionary series of cleaning products for all areas of the home, now, when I say revolutionary, I’m not using a marketing buzzword, I mean a new way of approaching an over saturated marketplace, this is something not seen before.

Tri-Bios cleaners are “Probiotic”, you might think that word is familiar and you would be right, chances are your yogurt is probiotic or the low cholesterol drink you take. A Probiotic is a living organism, a bacteria, but a good bacteria. Other “Bio” labeled cleaners make use of a chemical reactant to break down the dirt, Tri-Bio use the probiotic approach, the bacteria literally eat the dirt, their tagline is “Eco that does clean” and you do not get much more “Eco” than using a live organism to eat your dirt.

Totally safe to the environment, completely 100% allergen free and recommended for Asthma sufferers.

Very recently, the company was granted a licence to trade in Europe and we were approached to provide for the UK market, We are very proud to announce that we have stock and are the first UK merchant to offer Tri-Bio to the British public.


Check out the initial range of products HERE, We will be expanding the range as more products become available.