Favoured by the Swedes and upmarket hotels and resort spas, the Hot Tub has long been a symbol of affluence. In recent years the price has reduced to place them in the range of ordinary families and households. The same is true of Whirlpool / Jacuzzi baths as well.

What you may not be aware of, is the fact they can be deadly. I’m not talking about falling asleep and drowning in the warm, effervescent waters, i’m talking about a much more insidious killer, Legionella, the bacteria that forms Legionnaires disease.

Over time and use, a bacterial colony grows, this is called a Biofilm. It normally propagates in the pipes and filters and if left unchecked can become dangerous, Not in the sense that it will escape the plumbing and eat the cat (although, it does look like it could)biofilm-pipe but it produces Legionella and can corrode the pipes and mechanisms of your Spa or Hot Tub.

In 2012, a Hot Tub on display in a wholesalers, caused the infection of over 20 people with Legionnaires disease and that resulted in 3 deaths. This was due to improper cleaning and allowed the Biofilm to grow dangerous. The normal way to deal with this is to use Chlorine, the same stuff you put in your swimming pool. However, after a certain time period, the colony develops a shell that is immune to Chlorine and renders it ineffective.

Help is at hand in the form of Biofilm Eliminators, these are specially designed to bypass the anti-chlorine shell and break apart and kill the colony from within. The result looks like something from Doctor Who’s worst nightmaresBioflm-rmvl, but it completely kills the bacteria and leaves your spa / whirlpool bath / Jacuzzi / Hot Tub, clean and safe.

We have these Biofilm Eliminators in stock. we have 2 sizes, a 10g tablet and a 20g tablet, the smaller for use on indoor baths and Jacuzzi’s under 1250 litres and the larger for use on outdoor spas and hot tubs over 1250 litres. If you do possess a whirlpool bath or a Jacuzzi, we also have a range of products designed for a more general cleaning and upkeep.

I for one will be having nightmares after researching this and I will not be using or going near a Hot Tub or Whirlpool bath / Jacuzzi again until I know it has been cleaned properly. Bad enough you are sitting in Human Soup but to know it can possibly kill you too. No Sir! not me.

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