Would you wash your hands in Dihydrogen Monoxide? probably not, sounds like a dangerous chemical doesn’t it, how about if I use it’s more familiar term H²O or Water? Of course you would, we have been doing so for centuries, Except, it’s not just water we use anymore, we all use soap or a liquid cleaner to “wash” our hands properly and that’s fine, it’s a short procedure that is over in a minute or two and we dry our skin afterward.

But what if it is not a “short” procedure, what if it takes hours? you need to take precautions to avoid exposure. Water is a skin irritant, as are many other chemicals we use on a daily basis.

Exposure over time can lead to Dermatitis that can be painful and unsightly.hand

Most people don’t think twice about about shoving their hands into the sink to wash up the dishes or to clean the bath or shower or toilet. Think about what the cocktail of chemicals is doing to your skin in ways you can’t see or feel yet.

Gloves, simple protection that works. It really is that simple, inexpensive and effective and purposefully designed to protect your hands and forearms in some cases, from exposure to chemicals that you may think are harmless but are still potentially damaging.

We have an extensive range of protective gloves, specifically designed for different scenarios of use.

For Outdoor Use, we have Marigold Extra Tough Outdoor GlovesHeavy Duty rubber designed to protect you from the harshest and most potentially dangerous chemicals used outside like Weedkiller or Creosote.

Designed specifically for use in the Bathroom, Marigold Longer Bathroom Gloves, have an extended cuff that protects your forearm as well from splashy or a mildly corrosive product like a limescale remover or toilet bowl cleaner.

The Kitchen is well covered with Marigold Extra Life Kitchen Gloves,  triple dipped to be extra durable against the variety of chemicals used in the kitchen on a daily basis.

Also we have If You Care Household Gloves, Made from fair trade natural rubber, these are an all purpose indoor glove and can also be used for gardening outdoors to.

All those gloves are reusable and come in various sizes, so you are bound to find a pair that will fit, well, like a glove.

If you just need a protective glove, either for one hand or for both, then I would point you toward our Aurelia range of disposable gloves. single use gloves that, whilst not as hardy or thick as the previous gloves mentioned, will offer protection from non-corrosive liquids like oils and grease and bodily fluids as well. Available in various sizes and comes as a box of 100 individual, ambidextrous gloves.

Be safe and glove up. We really don’t know exactly what we are exposing our skin to most of the time.

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