September is..

Apart from being our Managing Director’s birthday (and mine for that matter), a lot goes on in September you may not be aware of.

First to make your mouth water is National Bacon Day.

Celebrated on the 5th, all things bacon.


Sticking with the foodie theme is Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight. From the 6th until the 21st, celebrate all foods Scottish.

Included in the taste bud explosion are such delights as, haggis, cullen skink (a thick soup made with smoked Finnan haddock, potatoes and onions).

Bridie (a minced beef pastry or pie originally from Forfar, sometimes with onions and spices, it’s very similar in shape to the Cornish pasty). Tablet (a confection made from sugar, condensed milk, and butter, which is often flavoured with vanilla), Dundee cake (a light fruit cake topped with blanched almonds) and who could forget shortbread, which must be one of the most famous of Scottish delicacies that is known worldwide. Lets not forget the Whisky, a bonnie wee tipple if I must say so.

Always wanted to travel back in time? Now you can!
Heritage Open Days 10-13 September 2015. This September more than 4000 buildings that are usually closed or charge for admission will open their doors to you for free during Heritage Open Days. From castles, and medieval cottages, to battlefield walks and Buddhist temples, the variety is endless! Click Here to find your closest Heritage site to explore.

Also on the 13th is Roald Dahl Day, celebrating the world famous author and his unforgettable characters like Willy Wonka and Matilda.

Get your Bake On with National Cupcake Week 14th to 20th, competitions are running and lots of recipes and information can be found here.

The 21st, we celebrate International Peace Day.


The day aims to encourage personal and political cease-fires and bring everyone together in celebration of our commitment to peace.

And finally on the 25th is The World’s Largest Coffee Morning. In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. For information on local events in your area, click here to go to their website. I will devote a complete blog to this worthwhile cause nearer the time.

As you can see, September has a lot going for it. Marvellous

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