A lot of you have gone out and purchased the Karcher Window Vac, great aren’t they, quick and easy to use with no drips or streaks or mess, just like having your very own professional window cleaner to hand.

Until very recently, you pretty much had to make do with whatever detergent or window cleaning agent you could buy to use with it but a lot of you were not completely happy with the results, after all, most common glass cleaners and detergents are not formulated to be used with a machine like that, they rely on old fashioned elbow grease to buff out the streaks with a cloth after application.

A lot of people have turned to high end window cleaners and used with great success, in particular.

HG Hagesan Window Cleaner  It works very well with the Karcher Window Vac and does a great job.

Finally, Karcher have released their own Glass Cleaner Concentrate.


It is specially formulated to work with all models of the Window Vac and is even suited to manual cleaning if you so desire.

It has a very fresh and pleasant odour, like freshly laundered cotton sheets is the best way to describe it and is super concentrated so a little goes a long way.

If you have made the investment of having one of these Window Vacs and believe me, if you have the opportunity to buy one, do so, because they really do save a lot of time and effort, especially with patio doors, then you really want a good quality cleaning agent to go with it.

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