And I will tell you why.

During the course of the year tough weeds take advantage. Going unnoticed in the border they thrive, growing stronger and spreading through your precious plants in an attempt to overthrow them.

We all have our main enemies among their ranks: nettles, brambles, ivy, ground elder, bindweed, to name
but a few of the worst offenders.

Systemic weedkillers, like Vitax SBK Tough Weedkiller (contains Triclopyr) works by moving from the leaves, down through the plant to kill the roots. Quite simply the more foliage there is to absorb the chemical, the more there is to get into the plant and so more of the roots will be killer. A common mistake is to pull up, or
strim the weeds before applying the weedkiller. This means it is less effective, if it works at all.

SBK tough weedkiller is specially formulated not to harm grass, so you can use it close to the lawn. However it will kill any of your precious garden plants that it comes into direct contact with, therefore care is needed when applying it. It is very effective
when used on tree seedlings and saplings, such as ash and
sycamore which are a problem in many gardens. It can also
be used as a tree stump killer at any time of the year, even
during the winter months.

The active ingredient in SBK, Triclopyr, offers an excellent alternative to glyphosate which has been so widely used in recent years. SBK does not have a longterm adverse effect on soil, you can replant safely after only six weeks.

The secret of success with any garden chemical is to follow the manufacturer’s application instructions. Vitax SBK is diluted in water and applied using a watering can or a sprayer.

If you do not like the idea of mixing, SBK is available in a readyto-use spray.

With all systemic weedkiller, patience is the key. These take time to work properly and will not show results overnight, depending
on light levels and temperature they may not show much signs of action for a week or two. If weed growth is particularly heavy there may be re-growth next season.
If this happens, do not be despondent, just wait until the
weeds are in growth and re-apply.

The key to success in controlling annual weeds like chickweed, meadow grass, groundsel and bittercress is to kill the seedlings before they grow, flower and set more seeds. You need to be fast because some of these complete their life cycle in a
remarkably short time. Vitax Garden Weedkiller (contains acetic acid) in a ready-to-use spray is the ideal standby.
Just spray onto the weed and it kills on contact. It will not go down through the plant and kill the roots, so is not effective in the permanent control of perennial weeds. However it will kill annual weeds in an hour.

The SBK Tough Weedkiller is available in 4 sizes, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 Litre

The SBK Tough Weedkiller Ready-To-Use is available in 750ml and 4 Litre sizes

The Vitax Garden Weedkiller is available as a 750ml spray.


The above information comes curtesy of Vitax Garden World. The full article can be found HERE.

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