Does your garden look a bit like this?


or this?


Spring is here and it is time to give the jungle out there some much needed TLC but “oh no!” the drivebelt on the mower has perished, the strimmer spool is empty, the blade on the Flymo snapped.

At Homecare Essentials, we are mainly known for our home cleaning product range, what you may be unaware of, we also stock a huge range of ALM Replacement Lawnmower, Chainsaw, Strimmer and Drive belts.


ALM Manufacturing is a family owned company established in 1972, specialising in the manufacture consumable parts and accessories for all brands of trimmers, lawnmowers and chainsaws.

The ALM Guarantee
All of our products are quality controlled to the highest standard at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Replacement parts for mowers and strimmers can be hard to find and often require you to find a “specialist” shop as the sheer amount of different makes and models is staggering and often bewildering as the people talk in model numbers and part codes.

Well, don’t panic!

Click HERE and you will be taken to our Trimmer and Mower Spares product section, from there you can select which item you need, be it drive belts or strimmer spools or replacement blades. Each listing contains the make and model number the item can be used for.

Now you can’t use the excuse that the mower is broken to get out of mowing the lawn. Sorry.

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