Dutch manufacturer HG Hagesan have just launched two new versions of their ever popular HG Scale Away Limescale Removing Foamspray.

This is HOT off the press. Homecare Essentials are proud to be the FIRST UK stockists of two Brand New products from HG.

Scale Away Foamspray is a hugely successful product and these two new versions will give more choice.

New_HG_Scale_AwayWhere there is water, there is limescale. Limescale leaves a dull haze on shower cubicles, plastic baths, worktops, draining boards, washbasins, toilets etc.

HG Hagesan Scale Away removes these deposits thoroughly and quickly and leaves nothing behind but a beautiful shine! HG Scale Away is a foam spray which gives a rich foam which stays in place longer on vertical parts, such as walls and shower cubicles. HG Scale Away does not affect chrome, glazes and grouting.

HG Scale Away is now also available in two new versions:

HG Scale Away Green Fragrance – HG Scale Away with a powerful Fresh Green Fragrance and

HG Scale Away 3 x Stronger – Specially developed for really persistent limescale. It is 3 x Stronger than regular HG Scale Away.



Click here for HG Scale Away is currently on offer at £2.89

Click here for HG Scale Away 3 x Stronger at £5.29

Click here for HG Scale Away Green at £3.59