Tableau have introduced their latest NEW product just in time for cleaning the barbecue before it is put away for another year!


Tableau Barbecue Cleaner takes the effort out of cleaning your barbecue.

Tableau Barbecue Cleaner quickly and effectively removes baked-on grease and residue, leaving your barbecue grills and utensils spotless and ready to be used again.

Fast-acting and powerful. Cuts through burnt-on grime.

Made in England

Tableau Barbecue Cleaner is easy to use:

Twist the spray nozzle top ‘on’.
Wear gloves and long sleeves. Ensure that the surface to be cleaned is cool.
Spray Tableau Barbecue Cleaner directly onto the surface and take care to avoid overspray.
Leave for 3-5 minutes, then wipe off with a damp sponge.
Rinse several times with warm water.
Repeat process for heavily marked areas.
After use twist the spray nozzle to ‘off’

 RRP is £4.95 – our price until the end of September £3.95 – SAVE £1.00

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