Welcome to our monthly countdown of the top 10 best sellers from the previous month. Well summer is officially over and today Sept 1st is the official first day of Autumn. Did the summer end with a bang or a whimper? let’s find out.

Cue *Led Zeppelin – A whole Lotta Love*

Our first new entry at N°10Pure Spa Whirlpool Bath Sanitiser Tablets.

Also new in at N°9Aristowax Wood Silk Lavender Wax Polish.

Another new entry at N°8No More Spiders Spider Repellent Spray.

New in at N°7Laundry Master Metallised Ironing Board Cover XS.

Also a new entry at N°6Windolene Original Cream.

A non mover at N°5Pure Spa Hot Tub Surface Cleaner.

Down 2 places to N°4Original Bar Keepers Friend Bundle Pack.

Also down 2 to N°3HG Hagesan Window Cleaner.


Another new entry at N°2 – Astonish Pro Multi Use Cleaning Paste.


Our new N°1 – Supafix Felt Guard Protector Pads Pack of 27


A new champ reigns supreme. What will Autumn hold? will it be all change again?. Find out next time.

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