Can’t beat a bit of decking, it looks good in the summer, gives you somewhere to sit and really sets off the look of a well maintained garden. There is a downside though, besides being a substantial financial outlay, it can take some work to maintain and keep looking pristine, the UK is not known for it’s outdoor weather and after a few “summers” your expensive wooden patio can end up looking a bit tired and worn.


Before you embark on the back breaking, knee barking, weekend eating job of sanding, coating, waiting…waiting…waiting, sanding, coating, waiting again and praying it doesn’t rain then finally coating again, our friends at Liberon have just saved you a mountain of time and effort with their new range of specially formulated exterior timber paint.

Dubbed Garden Colourcare Decking Paint, it comes in 5 colours that perfectly compliment your garden colour palette.

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It’s 2 in 1 formula decorates and protects and it’s matt finish dries completely opaque so it doesn’t matter if your decking looks like 100 year old railway sleepers, Garden Colourcare Decking Paint will make it look like it was put down yesterday. It works equally well on soft or hardwoods, exotic wood, smooth or grooved.

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Painting the timber adds that extra layer of protection and can add to the longevity of the wood, it’s also easier and less time consuming to apply and easier to maintain than traditional sealants and varnishes. One 2.5L tin will give you enough to cover a 10m² area and the paint carries a 5 year guarantee.

Summer will be here before you know it, so get prepared and be the envy of the your neighbours, they will think you have bought a new deck.

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